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Is this thing on?

Posted by jennytpartridge on April 2, 2006

My friend Alissa set this thing up, this blog, because she thinks I need an outlet for my emotions. I thought a blog was that stuff you get in pudding when you cook it too quick, but she assures me it is not.

I’m Jenny T. Partridge, and I’m a dance teacher and studio owner in Ogden, Utah. I like what I do, because I love to dance, but I don’t make a lot of money doing it. Since I’m not really the type that plays well with other adults, I just keep trucking along, trying to make it by, day to day, waiting for each monthly tuition due date.

The money is always gone ten minutes after it comes in, and then the rest of the month I have to deal with all the pyscho moms who want their daughter to be CENTER STAGE, or front row fifty, in all my routines.

The sad part is most of the psycho moms have daughters who should be identified by Native American names like “child-who-should-dance-with-paper-bag-over-head-to-avoid-embarassment-to-family.”

I have quite a few of those, and even though their dollar spends like every other dollar, I’d rather have a smaller, more elite, more TALENTED team. Alas, you get what you get.

And I don’t get a lot. Of anything. I know what you were thinking, and that was not what I meant, although truthfully, I don’t get a lot of that, either.

Alissa, are you sure this was a good idea? Welcome to my blog.


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