Dancing off the Edge

with Jenny T. Partridge


Posted by jennytpartridge on November 18, 2006

I love this time of year.

It’s almost Thanksgiving. Yum. Yum. Love those mashed potatoes and gravy. Can never get enough of them.

 Mom makes the best ones, and always sends me home to my apartment with leftovers. Turkey, too. And pie. Lots of pie. It doesn’t last long, of course, because I am always broke and never have food.

But for a few days after Thanksgiving, I live like a queen.

And then there are Christmas cookies and candy, and holiday meals. And my students? They bring me treats, and bath soaps and lotions, and scented candles. And, of course, useless knickknacks, too, but mostly, cookies and candy…

It ALMOST makes up for the rest of the year, when I have no food, definitely no candy, I’m searching the couch cushions and car floor for money just to survive, etc.

But that’s my life. Welcome to Jenny T. Partridge’s chronicles of a dance teacher.

I suppose I could make more money, if I were willing to sacrifice my ethics, and put just anyone who wanted to dance in all my routines. And take all their money, all the time. And not be honest.

But that wouldn’t be me. So I’ll just have to struggle along.


One Response to “Turkey, Santa and COMPETITION SEASON”

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