Dancing off the Edge

with Jenny T. Partridge

Pyscho Dance Mom Kick Off

Posted by jennytpartridge on April 24, 2007

Being a dance teacher, you get to see a lot of crazy stuff. I know, I know, you wouldn’t think that teaching dance to kids would be all that dangerous, but I promise you, it is. Really. And no, not from pulled muscles because I’m out of shape.

I dance a LOT!

The hardest part about teaching dance is the parents. I’m sure any coach or teacher of any sport will tell you this. And boy could I tell YOU some stories.

Like the time the two moms got into a fight at a dance competition and the POLICE had to be called. Crazy.

Apparently, the two girls were competing against each other, and both thought THEIR daughter was the better dancer. Problem is, that’s kinda up to the judges to decide, and only one girl wins. LOOOOONG before the judicial verdict was passed, the two moms were pulling hair and slapping and screaming.

It happens in ALL competitive sports, of course, so COME ON. Tell me your stories. What’s the most obnoxious, craziest, out-of-control sport parent you’ve ever witnessed?

Winner will received a free signed copy of TUTU DEADLY! (I know, you’re so thrilled…..)

Dance on!



2 Responses to “Pyscho Dance Mom Kick Off”

  1. HollyD said

    The worst was during my son’s football game. He was in 2nd grade at the time. A coach on the team playing against my son’s, was yelling constantly at all the players. No matter what they did it wasn’t good enough. If they made a mistake, he made them run along the side of the field until they were sent back out. We went to the officials and told them this was insane. They told us he wasn’t just a coach, he had 2 sons on the team.

  2. Lois R said

    The worst was during my son’s baseball game when he was in 4th grade. It was so bad that never played again in that league. Parents were required to take turns being umpires (I think they raised the prices and paid outsiders after that). So one father didn’t like the calls another parent made. He was convinced that bad calls had cost his son’s team the game, and he wouldn’t stop yelling about it. I thought htere was going to be a fistfight, and other dads had to hold back the complainer. Over a kid’s intermural game!

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