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with Jenny T. Partridge


Posted by jennytpartridge on May 25, 2007

I’m ecstatic! The third season of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE started last night, and I was glued to my television set. Well, not literally glued, of course. But I am thrilled! Summer used to be the worst for TV, but not now.

As always, I am astounded by the people who DO THINK they can dance, and should, instead, be walking around with paper bags over their heads–at least while dancing. It’s kind of like American Idol. Why does no one tell those people they cannot sing? Do they enjoy seeing their relatives humiliated? I’d be the first one to disabuse one of my children, should I have any….ever…..that they were tone deaf.

But back to SYTYCD. Like AI, there are scores of people who really DO think they can dance, and frankly, they CAN’T! Lord allmighty. My personal favorite was Sex. He’s back from last year. This guy really THINKS his name applies to him. He thinks he personifies sex. He does not. I won’t say more because that would be mean, but whooooheee. No thanks.

And not only does he NOT personify SEX, but he can’t dance either. I think he might have been SLIGHTLY better than last year. Maybe. But that’s only BETTER than he was before. It doesn’t stand up to the real standards. So Nigel got nasty with him, because he would not listen. And Sex (Get this: it cracks me up) brings his MOTHER with him to the auditions. And she stands up and defends him! Hilarious stuff. If you can watch this on Youtube or somewhere else, you have to catch it. This is from last year, I believe. Worth watching.

After watching this, I changed my mind. He is NOT better than last year.

Of course, there were some promising dancers so I’m excited for the upcoming weeks. One hip hop dancer (I can’t remember his name) was challenged to do a swing routine, so he rose to the challenge, used a fellow hip hop dancer, and did a HILARIOUS routine. He made it through!

Two amazing Russian Salsa dancers made it through to Vegas, and also top twenty dancer Stanislav brought his sister to audition, and she was AMAZING! She made it through, too.

Lots of heartwarming stories, like a dancer who has had two hip surgeries, and still managed to make it through, and the story of a dancer who was in Israel when the floor fell in a nightclub, and she was critically injured. She made it through, too! Very cool.

So, the first night was fun, with horrid dancers that make you squirm, and great dancers who made me smile and want to prance about my living room, and the just okay, who went home determined to try again next year.

I can’t wait for the next installment!


11 Responses to “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!”

  1. I’m with you on this – I’m totally addicted to this show! I saw last year’s top 10 live at the Universal Amphitheatre…I’m not sure what I like the most: the freak show at the beginning or the real dancing as it progresses.

  2. We had Allison Holker out at our studio on Wednesday to do a Master Class and she is DARLING and such an awesome dancer. I’m with you. I like the freak show AND the incredible dance!

  3. With a dancer daughter in NYC, I, too, am addicted to this show. Love it. I was ROFL when weirdo Sex returned. I hate to call him that. Non-Sex, sorta like NONSENSE, would be more appropriate. I know my daughter runs into folks like Non-Sex all the time on her way to and from work and rehearsals. She might even say, “Yeah, I know him. He came to class last week with his mother.” 🙂

  4. Hey Leann,
    So cool to learn we have something in common. Although my Dancing Daughter is just 12, so New York is off limits right now…. About “Sex….” If that is bringing Sexy back, I am going to find myself a NICE nunnery….. YIKES.
    We did have a master class this week with Allison Holker, who was a top eight finalist last year. IMO, she should have won. She is DARLING, so cute and sweet and so talented. It was a lot of fun to have her teach our girls.

  5. Tanglefoot said

    I meant to watch SYTYCD the other night but didn’t get to. I think the good, bad, and ugly episodes are embarrassing so I don’t mind missing the first episodes. The clip, oh mi gosh people are so unaware.

  6. Tanglefoot, boy do I agree. They are embarassing, but in a train wreck kinda way. You just can’t keep from watching…..

  7. Xo DancingOnTheEdge said

    I am so excited the show is back on. Being a dancer though, I can’t wait for the real dancing to start. I found the clip of Sex (oh geez. =])on YouTube…Here is the link:

  8. Looks like it’s been removed, due to copyright. Oh well!

  9. Tanglefoot said

    Some of the dancing is incredible. But does Mary always laugh like she has this week? argh.

  10. KFL said

    How can I find the past auditions of the people that were not good? I think it was last season (maybe in New York) and there was a guy that auditioned and he danced like a salsa dance…or he thought….he jumped up to do some kind of leap and didn’t land right. He tried to keep going but ended up grabbing his knee. Does anyone know what I am talking about and if so how can I see that one again? I know it was on the same show when that guy tried to do a front flip and landed on his face. Help me somebody please!

  11. RiiSSA said

    Hey, KFL, I think that Fox removed them from You Tube. I had one posted here, and it’s not available now.

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