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Posted by jennytpartridge on June 29, 2007

Okay, I am SOOOOOO unhappy with America. I cannot be unhappy with the SYTYCD judges, because I agreed with their decision, to send Jesus home, instead of Danny or Neil. BUT… IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN CEDRIC. Maybe his impassioned speech affected America, but HELLO!!!!!!

ARGH. AMERICA! Get a clue. Please, don’t let this be another Benji debacle. While I enjoyed Benji’s performance, he wasn’t even CLOSE to Travis’s technical skill! Or Allison.

Don’t get me wrong. I think Cedric is great. BUT HE NEEDS TRAINING.


Oh, FYI, I was right about the girls. Jessi did go home. And she was STUNNED. She should NOT be. Watch the tapes, Jessi.

After I reread this post, I had some issues with my title. Apparently, Jesus is going home. Hmmm. Maybe that is why America did what they did. They can’t handle Jesus’s name.

Just FYI, I had a boyfriend named Jesus, back when I was young. I thought his name was Jesse. When I saw his driver’s license, it was all over. After all, what girl can date Jesus and live to tell the story? It’s just not right.

CaRiSsA says: My favorite rountine of the night was definitely Hok and Jaimie. They were “Da Bomb” Lol, and I knew there was no way they could be in the bottom. I was way mad that Jesus went home. He is awesome. I have the feeling that he will go on to do some really AMAZING things with his dancing talents but still…CEDRIC SHOULD HAVE GONE HOME (Sorry Ced, I just don’t think he qualifies as “The Best”)!!! I wasn’t mad at Jessi going home. I thought she would because her solo just wasn’t as strong as the rest. Lauren’s solo….it wasn’t wow…but I have seen her talent. From here on out, I don’t want anyone to leave. They are all A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I saw chemistry between Pasha and Jessi!  They would make a way cute couple! Are they dating or was it just a joke when Jessi said,”I love him, he’s my boyfriend.–Awkward pause–My wanna-be boyfriend!”  It was as if she did not mean to say that out-loud! Oops, Jessi, I think you let it out!  Being a teenager I can say this…Pasha is a total HOTTIE!!!! Jessi is a total cutie, too. They would make a cute couple, but im jealous of Jessi!


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So You Think You Can Dance–June 27

Posted by jennytpartridge on June 28, 2007

Some big suprises from last night’s show, and I’m going to start off by mentioning that two routines were my absolutely favorites.

The most incredible presentation of the night came from Hok and Jaimie, who did an incredible hummingbird and flower dance, choreographed by Wade Robson. It was simply spinechilling. Hok WAS the hummingbird, and Jamie WAS the flower.

Misty and I (Dancing Daughter’s Dance teacher) spent a while today talking about the show, and frankly, it electrified BOTH of us.

The judges agreed.

Guest Judge Debbie Allen, “Famed” choreographer (Think FAME) thought it was brilliant. Mary said it was wonderful, and Nigel said it was brilliant and beautiful. All three judges sent props to Wade Robson. I have seen a lot of his routines, and I would say I knew he was good, but never recognized his GENIUS.

The other standout of the night was Sabra (go Utah!) and Dominic, who did a rumba choreographed by Jen-Marc Generaux. Debbie said it was hot fun, and they were beautiful together. Mary said it was a good partnership, and they were connected. Then she gave them a little trademark scream and sent them on the “hot tamale train.” Nigel said Sabra was beautiful, and the routine was well done.

I should mention that Pasha was forced to dance without Jessi Peralta, who had to be taken to the hospital. They announced that she had some problem with her heart, but I did hear today that it was dehydration, so I am hoping she will be okay. Pasha performed his routine, a cha cha, with Tony Meriden’s assistant, and did a FABULOUS job. (I hear the assistant is quite an accomplished dancer, so it was to his benefit.) Personally, I hope Jessi is okay, but frankly, find her the weakest dancer among the females, and I feel like she should be the one going home.

Danny and Anya did a hip hop that was very good, but Anya had a harder time connecting with the style, in my opinion. The judges liked it, did not rave, but were not disappointed.

Sarah and Jesus did a krump routine, choreographed by Lil C. All the judges loved it. I liked it, but after Sabra and Dominic, and then Hok and Jaimie, it kind of faded from my mind. Just being honest here.

Shauna and Cedric did a contemporary piece by Mia Michaels. Cedric, who should have gone home last week, really struggled, and thus made Shauna’s job all the harder. Of course, it is her style, and not his, but the other breakers/b-boyers like Hok and Dominc are mastering the other styles. Cedric, who is INCREDIBLE at what he does, is not.

One of my faves, Lacey and Cameron, were good, but didn’t really stand out last night. They did the quickstep, and it did it well, but some of the other routines were just SO outstanding that this was not the best. That’s okay, because they have rocked the house in the past, and frankly, I’m sure, will continue to do so.

The biggest disappointment of the night came from Lauren and Neil. Dancing Daughter is VERY mad at me, because she loves Lauren, but I found their tango disconnected and choppy. For the most part, the judges agreed.

So who should go home? Cedric is the weakest of the male dancers, although he is an incredible dancer. Debbie Allen offered him a scholarship to dance at her studio, and I hope she follows through. With some training, he will be VERY versatile. Frankly, he was quite a gentleman about acknowledging his lack of training, and I see great things for him in the future, but I think he is the male that will get voted off.

Females? Much harder. The obvious female will be Jessi Peralta, if she does not come back to the show. Even if she DOES come back, in my opinion, she needs to be the one to go. She has surprised me in some routines, but she simply doesn’t have the technical skill, the heart, and the sheer desire the other dancers show.

My vote: Jessie Peralta and Cedric Gardner.

Tune in later tonight to see if I was right or wrong.

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Incredible video of a young dancer

Posted by jennytpartridge on June 24, 2007

This little girl, nine years old when this video was taken, has the most incredible center I have ever seen in a young dancer. Her turns are INCREDIBLE. I had to share.

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SYTYCD?–June 19

Posted by jennytpartridge on June 22, 2007

So, I have this book, see, and it’s a Jenny T. Partridge Dance Mystery, see. And right as I was on deadline for this book, see, I also got my galleys, see.

Okay, I’ll quit that. It’s pretty annoying. But needless to say, my head is in the sand, and pedal to the medal (Jennyism. Don’t know what I mean. Read the books!). I’m busy. I have to finish the third book, and I mailed off the galleys (typeset copy of the second book) yesterday.

So I should NOT be watching television. Heck no. But here I am.

SO, on to SYTYCD. Last night’s show was pretty amazing. I was ONLY disappointed in one routine. You may remember I predicted that Faina would go home in the first show. She did not. But tonight, she did. So I was close. The other dancer eliminated was Jimmy. Personally, I felt like it should have been Cedric, but once again his “unique” style kept him safe. The man is a fish out of water in anything but his own genre, but there… He is brilliant. You can’t deny it. But this show is supposed to be about versatility.

Here’s a quick recap of the show last night.

Couple number one was Lauren and Neil. They did a hip hop routine choreographed by Dave Scott. I liked it okay, but it wasn’t my fave. The judges thought they were hot, and Neil was the bomb. Lauren really kept up, although Neil was the star. All the judges liked it. Nigel said they set the bar for everyone working out of their style.

Couple 2 was Jessi and Pasha. They did a jazz routine by Tyce Diorio. Overall, judges gave it high marks. (I’m more and more impressed by Jessi. Have changed my tune about her!)

Couple 3 was Jamie and Hok. They did the samba by Jean-Marc Genereaux. Mia loved it, said it was amazing. Sexy and tearing it up. Mary said it was not good enough for the show. Nigel said the choreography wasn’t a samba. I thought Hok was awkward and way out of his element. Carissa, who helped me with this recap, LOVES him. He can do no wrong in her book.

Couple 4 was Sabra and Dominic. Carissa loves them. It was a contemporary routine choreographed by Mandy Moore. Mia said that Dominic was what the competition was about. You might remember she did not like his cocky attitude in the Las Vegas auditions. She has changed her mind, as I have. He’s very funny and charming. The judges all said Sabra was beautiful. Mary got teary-eyed, and claimed Dominic was a force to be reckoned with. Nigel said he believes Dominic is taking this competition seriously. The Roberts clan really likes Dominic. He is charming and funny, and we laughed out loud at his “it was a jungle down there, Cat,” comment, when referring to shaving his toes. We like Sabra, too, but she is local, and we are prejudiced.

C0uple 5, Faina and Cedric did the foxtrot, choreographed by Hunter Johnson. Just a note here that I did not like this routine. To me, it was the only sour note in the night. Okay, back to recap. Mia said that Faina was beautiful, but she was disappointed that Cedric didn’t stylize it more. She also compared them to Ginger Rogers and an insecure Michael Jackson. (Is there any other kind of Michael Jackson?) Nigel said they needed to pick it up and they would be in the bottom three again. He was right. There was no charisma.

Couple number 6 was Lacey and Cameron. Carissa loves Lacey. Mom likes her too, frankly. Much more than I ever liked Benji OR Heidi, although if you plopped a blond wig on her, she would BE Heidi. They did a Broadway routine choreographed by Tyce Diorio. Mia said they were the sexiest couple. They were awesome together but she missed the pizzazz. Are you KIDDING me? They were ALL ABOUT THE pizzazz. And sexy? The Mormons are turning over in their, uh, temples. Nigel said they were so comfortable with each other, they looked like they had been dancing together for years.

Couple number 7 was Danny and Anya. I loved this number. It was beautiful. I’m not always impressed with ballroom, but they blew us out of the water. It was gorgeous. Wow. Hunter Johnson did the choreography. Mary loved it, of course. Mary also said they looked like they had just stepped out of a dream, and it was absolutely beautiful, and then she gave her trademark scream and said they were her favorite of the night… so far, of course. I agree.

Couple number 8 was Shauna and Jimmy. It was a hip hop/step routine by Dave Scott, who choreographed Stomp the Yard. Mia said that Jimmy was committed, Shauna stepped it up but she didn’t go completely outside the box, she wanted to see her do more. Mary said that they both stepped it up, but Jimmy stood out more. (And then Jimmy went home! And it wasn’t America, it was the judges! Go figure!) Nigel said he liked it, disagreed with Mia, who claimed that Shauna looked like she was performing as if she was still in dance school. He said “I’m going to use the ‘f’ word here. That was so much fun!”

The last couple, number 9, was Sara and Jesus. They performed the Pasa Doble choreagraphed by Jean-Marc Generaux. I’m pretty amazed at Sara. Frankly, I didn’t think she had it in her. She is a breaker, and yet last night she looked absolutely lovely. She has no professional training, but obviously, a TON of natural talent. You go Sara. Mia said it was awkward, because of the music (Queen’s We Will Rock You) although she loved Jesus’s carriage and presence, and said Sara was fabulous. Mary said it was a great routine. She understood what Mia was saying, but thought they both looked amazing. Nigel said it was the music was kind of an experiment, and Jesus was fantastic, and Sara was beautiful. He was surprised at how good she did and how good she looked.

I agree.

So that’s it. Faina and Jimmy went home. And next week, I expect the “barre” to be even HIGHER. Maybe by then, this book will be done!

(Special thanks to Chatter Child, aka Carissa, for helping me recap the events.)

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So You Think You Can Dance? First week of finals

Posted by jennytpartridge on June 14, 2007

I am a little peeved with the way the audition shows were filmed, because they really gave us NO idea about the immense talent that actually MADE the top 20. I was wondering about it, until I watched last night’s episode.

What INCREDIBLE talent. In the audition shows we did not learn that:

* Danny  is Travis Wall’s (one of last year’s finalists, and the most talented male dancer from last year, IMO) adopted brother, and trained with him. Fascinating! Danny is the bomb. Loved him.

*Sabra Johnson is from Roy, Utah, not far from me, and has only been dancing for four years! I’m guessing she comes from a military background, as we live right next to Hill Air Force Base, and she mentioned being born in the Netherlands and living in Germany. She did her training at Dance Impressions, in Bountiful.


Ashlee and Ricky performing together. Both are awesome dancers, but doing the Argentine Tango, they just did NOT click together. And Ashlee is GARGANTUAN next to Ricky, and it just did NOT fit.

I also didn’t think too much of Faina’s hip hop. Cedric was the bomb, though.


Jessi Peralta and Pasha, because I don’t think much of Jessi, but she REALLY pulled off the waltz.

So, that’s my thoughts, and I won’t be here to see who gets voted off, but my money’s on Faina and Dominic. We’ll see.

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SYTYCD?–Top 20

Posted by jennytpartridge on June 9, 2007

So, here are the finalists. For the most part, WHO THE HECK are they? Not anyone shown in the audition shows. I guess we’ll find out. From the Fox web site:


Anya Garnis, 25, is a Latin Ballroom dancer from New York, NY. Anya has been living in the U.S. for six years after growing up in Russia. She has been dancing with partner Pasha Kovalev, also a finalist, for nine years.

Jaimie Goodwin, 19, is a Contemporary dancer from Virginia Beach, VA. Jaimie danced in competitions with Season Two contestant Travis before coming onto the show.

Lauren Gottlieb, 18, is a Contemporary/Jazz dancer who currently lives in Sherman Oaks, CA. Lauren is originally from Scottsdale, AZ. After moving to California, she landed a spot dancing with Shakira at the Grammy Awards. She has been dancing since she was 2 years old.

Sabra Johnson, 19, is a Contemporary dancer from Roy, UT, with training in Ballet and Jazz. She hopes to pursue dancing as a professional career.

Ashlee Langas, 19, is a Contemporary/Jazz dancer from Tyler, TX. Ashlee has spent her life dancing in all sorts of settings from dance theaters to high school productions.

Shauna Noland, 18, is a Contemporary dancer from North Hollywood, CA. She has been dancing for 15 years and also has an avid love of singing.

Jessi Peralta, 24, is a Hip-Hop dancer from Valley Village, CA. She has danced in front of President Bill Clinton at the Apollo and has performed at Madison Square Garden.

Faina Savich, 21, is a Latin Ballroom dancer from Brooklyn, NY. Following in her brother Stanislav’s footsteps (he was a finalist in Season Two), Faina grew up in Moscow and has been living in the U.S. for six years.

Lacey Schwimmer, 18, is a Swing and International Latin dancer from Redlands, CA. Following in the footsteps of her brother and dance partner, Benji, who won the competition last season, Lacey has her own style which she hopes to showcase this season.

Sara Von Gillern, 23, is a Hip-Hop/B-girl dancer from Ft. Collins, CO. While she started as a journalism major at Colorado College, dancing has always been her main love. She is a dance instructor and was one of 30 people from all over the world selected to be part of the Red Bull: Beat Rider program, which gave her the chance to work with some of the biggest names in the Hip-Hop/Breaking field.


Jimmy Arguello, 21, is a Contemporary dancer from Miami, FL. After taking his first dance class in middle school, Jimmy, at first focused on running in track and field, changed directions completely and found his true calling in dance.

Kameron Bink, 20, is a Contemporary/Hip-Hop dancer from Coral Springs, FL. Known for his distinct red-star hair, Kameron brings over 15 years of dance training to the show and hopes the experience will bring him new and exciting opportunities as he pursues a professional dance career.

Cedric Gardner, 23, is a Hip-Hop dancer from New Berlin, WI. He started training at 18 at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, then moved two-years later to Los Angeles, where he received a full scholarship with Monsters of Hip Hop.

Neil Haskell, 20, is a Contemporary Jazz dancer from Clarence Center, NY. Neil is currently training in New York City, where he performed in the play “The Times They are A-Changin’” on Broadway and was named Male Dancer of the Year in 2005 by the American Dance Awards Competition.

Hok Konishi, 22, is a B-boy dancer from Los Angeles, CA. Born in Tokyo, Hok spent much of his youth in Oxford, England.

Pasha Kovalev, 27, is a Latin Ballroom dancer from Fort Lee, NJ. Pasha is originally from Russia and has trained with numerous professional ballroom dancers. He has been dancing with partner Anya Garnis, also a finalist, for nine years.

Ricky Palomino, 25, is a Contemporary dancer from Phoenix, AZ. Ricky also enjoys singing (he recently recorded his first CD), and he is a master teacher and choreographer.

Dominic Sandoval, 21, is a B-boy/Hip-Hop dancer from Roseville, CA. Born in Sacramento, he started his hip-hop training in January of this year.

Jesús Solorio, 23, is a Contemporary/Jazz dancer from Paso Robles, CA. Jesús makes his own wine at his family vineyard.

Danny Tidwell, 23, is a Contemporary/Jazz dancer from New York, NY, whose brother Travis Wall was last season’s runner-up. Danny was previously involved with the American Ballet Company.

Okay, so PLEASE tell me that this is NOT a huge example of what I have been whining about, re: Jessie Peralta.

Jessi Peralta, 24, is a Hip-Hop dancer from Valley Village, CA. She has danced in front of President Bill Clinton at the Apollo and has performed at Madison Square Garden.

Wow. how surprising is that? “I did NOT dance with that woman!” Uh, okay. Scary. I’m not thrilled with the choices, and I’m hoping it’s because I don’t KNOW the choices. Please tell me that’s it. We’ll see.

One of the dancers hails from Roy, Utah. Still waiting to hear “Utah” connections. And of course, Lacey comes from a Mormon family. So, should be interesting. I HOPE, anyway.

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Posted by jennytpartridge on June 8, 2007

I’m a little perplexed by last night’s show. Most of the people who were spotlighted in the audition shows were booted off, some in the very first round. If I remember right, fully HALF of the 200 finalists were booted off in the first day! That said, some of the spotlighted people who made it through to Vegas were not even SHOWN. Where the heck was the clogger, Brandon Norris? Benji Schwinner’s sister, Lacey? She was shown ONCE, and I have no idea about her fate. Meanwhile, former football player Myles Johnson, who had only been dancing for eight months was sent home, along with the teacher/student duo of Katie Watts and Ashley Keegan. I never felt that Myles would last, since his technical skill was sorely lacking (but hey, he’s been dancing for eight months! Give him a few years), but I just wonder about spotlighting them and then sending them home. They weren’t awful. What is the point?

Meanwhile, Ricky Palomino came out of the blue, and WOWED everybody. But did he REALLY come out of the blue? I mean, WE never saw him, but that doesn’t mean the judges and producers and everyone else in the production didn’t see him. OBVIOUSLY, they did. And they sent him to Vegas. So why are they so surprised? (I’d keep an eye on him. He is remarkably talented.)

And where are the hiccup/wink team? Did they get sent home? We really want to know.

And my biggest complaint? They apparently decided that Olivia Usey was going to the main focal point of the entire show. Her story was a weeper, sure. I mean, her mother talked her into auditioning after mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was her dream to see Olivia, who hadn’t danced for three years due to a medical condition, dance again. And they followed her around and made her look like a whiny little…. Yeah, you get it. Is she really? She cried a lot, but I bet a lot of them were crying. It’s an exhausting time, and just when they thought they were done for the day, they were given another assignment. To choreograph a routine in teams.

Most of them worked well into the night and some never went to bed. That’s torture.

And Jessi Peralta going on? And getting RAVES from the judges? I’m not seeing it. This isn’t Pussycat Dolls Presents: The Search for the Next Doll, people. I can rub my hands over my body, too, but you don’t see ME up on that stage. Show me something that doesn’t involve sex appeal, girlfriend. I’m still waiting.

Highlights? The BREAKERS! (A few spotlighted ones went home, and a few had to “dance for their lives.”) Hawk and Twitch were AMAZING. Just amazing. Loved it. Hope they can ease into other forms of dance. Hawk, you may remember, had a LEETLE legal problem in last year’s show, and had to go home, since he was in this country ILLEGALLY. He’s back, legitimately. (He didn’t enter illegally, but his visa had some problems–I think it had to do with it not being a work visa, or something.)

So, on to TONIGHT’S show, when they will reveal the top 20! I hope we get some answers tonight.

Dance on!

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So You Think You Can Dance?–Week Two

Posted by jennytpartridge on June 1, 2007

Love, love LOVE this show. Loving it just as much this year as in prior years. (Just a brag note here. I met Allison Holker from Season Two last week. We hired her to do a master class at our studio, and can I just say she is just as cute, and JUST as talented and sweet as she seemed on the show. She got robbed. The girl should have won. Her or Travis.)

Back to SYTYCD.

I only got to watch half of the two-hour show the night before, because there was an emergency involving a twelve-year-old’s wardrobe (or lack thereof) and some talent show for the seventh grade, and we had to put the siren on the top of the old Jeep and head to the mall. At EIGHT-FREAKING-O-CLOCK at night. Oh, will me back to the days when an emergency involved the last Bud in the twelve-pack and no more nachos. Seven-11 is much closer (and quicker) than the mall.

I did catch the two ballroom dancers from Happy Valley, the heart of Mormon Utah, who made it through to the choreography round. Ballroom dancing is BIIIIIGGGG in Utah, and even bigger in Utah County, home of Brigham Young University. In fact, dance is pretty popular all over this state and in the Mormon culture. Evidence? Benji, last year’s winner, is a Mormon returned missionary. (Mormon missionaries figure big in the Jenny T. Partridge books, as well, although in a kind, gentle, amusing way. I promise.)

But the two dancers from Utah were an odd couple, and Nigel cracked me up. The girl seemed to have an involuntary tic that made her wink continuously, and if she’s the good Mormon I think she is, I can see this landing her in some trouble. Well, maybe not if she doesn’t hang out in bars. “But she winked at me, Bubba!” And her partner has been hiccuping for seven years! They had Mary laughing so hard that I’m guessing people all over America had seizures just from the noise. They were both capable dancers, so who knows if the winking and hiccuping will be their downfall.

The highlight of week two, for me, was on Thursday’s show. (Helped along by the fact I didn’t see much of Wednesday’s show. Darned kids.) A physically handicapped dancer, with scoliosis, made it through to the choreography round (where they teach them a combo and see how they pick it up). This is an important thing. Just because you can break or freak, doesn’t mean you can swing or do lyrical. Everybody has strengths, of course, but I’ve noticed that contemporary lyrical dancers seem to have an easier time adjusting to different styles than other dancers. Ballet being the root of all dance is, of course, the difference. Back to Bryan Gaynor, the computer science student with scoliosis. Stunted by this disease, and limited in so many ways, he still managed to get out there and entertain the judges, the audience, and frankly, me! They let him through to the choreography round, and of course, couldn’t let it get past that, but judge Shane Sparks said he was casting a movie and he would put Bryan in it. I hope that comes about.

There was also a clogger, Brandon Norris, that just knocked everyone’s socks off. Not a pretty face, but boy can that boy clog. Pretty cool. Didn’t know cloggers could move like that. Nigel prefaced his performance with the statement they had never put a clogger through to Vegas before. First time for everything. Will he be a Benji, last year’s winner? I personally didn’t agree with Benji winning, even as charming and good as he was. Both Allison and Travis had FAR superior technical skill, but Benji won the hearts of America, and it’s a popularity contest at the end.

Other interesting highlights included the story of Myles Johnson, a former high school quarterback who broke his leg and had to quit football. His coach had him enroll in ballet to help build his strength and agility back up, and GUESS WHAT? Myles likes dance better than football. Interviews with his father included Myles’s old football games running on the television, while his father reminisced. And Myles admitted there was a while there when his father disowned him. Myles, only having danced for eight months, was very lacking in technical skill but showed great promise. And he’ll get the chance to work with some of the best, because they sent him through to Vegas, after the choreography round. First person he called? His father. And yes, I’m sure the real issue between daddy and son is that DAD is worried his son is gay. It happens. And the boy was very pretty. But not everyone who dances is gay. So let’s not judge. Today, anyway. When he hooks up with Travis, we’ll talk.

A downside of the episode was the joking of Nigel and Mary when Shane bonded with a breaker, Tony Velez. They gently danced around the word gay, much like American Idol and Simon and Ryan, but Shane got them both good. He told them to leave, and when they walked away, he sat in both their chairs, did a great imitation of both, and sent Tony on to Vegas. Go Shane!

Come on, folks, if you are going to talk about the dance world, you have GOT to talk about how many of the men ARE gay. Why can’t we just be honest about it, instead of just making snotty jokes that only hint at it. To me, that is snide, and catering to the world’s obsession with “right” equaling “heterosexual.” Get over it, folks. There have been gay people since the beginning of time, and it’s not going to end anytime soon. Start worrying about what is going on in YOUR OWN bedroom, and stay out of everyone else’s. The world of the arts is filled with homosexuals and heterosexuals alike. Makes it interesting. And that’s my rant for the day.

 We have to talk about the bad, of course. There was the rather large woman, Kippery Rigsby, who did “skreet” dancing. She admitted she had paid someone $1400 and got an agent who told her she was good. Con artists abound in just about every profession. She could barely move. She could NOT dance. Over the music, you could hear Mary say: “She’s sucking the life force out of me.” I’m ashamed to admit it’s true.

All in all, it was an entertaining week, but I’m looking forward to the REAL dancing. We only get to see snippets of it during the audition shows. The good stuff starts when the finalists are picked. Of course, I’ll be around for the Vegas auditions. Ya’all come back now!

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