Dancing off the Edge

with Jenny T. Partridge


Posted by jennytpartridge on June 8, 2007

I’m a little perplexed by last night’s show. Most of the people who were spotlighted in the audition shows were booted off, some in the very first round. If I remember right, fully HALF of the 200 finalists were booted off in the first day! That said, some of the spotlighted people who made it through to Vegas were not even SHOWN. Where the heck was the clogger, Brandon Norris? Benji Schwinner’s sister, Lacey? She was shown ONCE, and I have no idea about her fate. Meanwhile, former football player Myles Johnson, who had only been dancing for eight months was sent home, along with the teacher/student duo of Katie Watts and Ashley Keegan. I never felt that Myles would last, since his technical skill was sorely lacking (but hey, he’s been dancing for eight months! Give him a few years), but I just wonder about spotlighting them and then sending them home. They weren’t awful. What is the point?

Meanwhile, Ricky Palomino came out of the blue, and WOWED everybody. But did he REALLY come out of the blue? I mean, WE never saw him, but that doesn’t mean the judges and producers and everyone else in the production didn’t see him. OBVIOUSLY, they did. And they sent him to Vegas. So why are they so surprised? (I’d keep an eye on him. He is remarkably talented.)

And where are the hiccup/wink team? Did they get sent home? We really want to know.

And my biggest complaint? They apparently decided that Olivia Usey was going to the main focal point of the entire show. Her story was a weeper, sure. I mean, her mother talked her into auditioning after mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was her dream to see Olivia, who hadn’t danced for three years due to a medical condition, dance again. And they followed her around and made her look like a whiny little…. Yeah, you get it. Is she really? She cried a lot, but I bet a lot of them were crying. It’s an exhausting time, and just when they thought they were done for the day, they were given another assignment. To choreograph a routine in teams.

Most of them worked well into the night and some never went to bed. That’s torture.

And Jessi Peralta going on? And getting RAVES from the judges? I’m not seeing it. This isn’t Pussycat Dolls Presents: The Search for the Next Doll, people. I can rub my hands over my body, too, but you don’t see ME up on that stage. Show me something that doesn’t involve sex appeal, girlfriend. I’m still waiting.

Highlights? The BREAKERS! (A few spotlighted ones went home, and a few had to “dance for their lives.”) Hawk and Twitch were AMAZING. Just amazing. Loved it. Hope they can ease into other forms of dance. Hawk, you may remember, had a LEETLE legal problem in last year’s show, and had to go home, since he was in this country ILLEGALLY. He’s back, legitimately. (He didn’t enter illegally, but his visa had some problems–I think it had to do with it not being a work visa, or something.)

So, on to TONIGHT’S show, when they will reveal the top 20! I hope we get some answers tonight.

Dance on!


6 Responses to “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE?–June 13”

  1. Tanglefoot said

    I missed the show, but taped it. Maybe I will just go on to watch tonight’s show, before commenting futher.

  2. Tanglefoot said

    I was kind of shocked at some of the choices last night. Is it to make some easy outs when the elimination rounds begin? To make others shine more? Or did they really see something we didn’t? I’m a bit confused.

    I thought they were cruel once or twice in their efforts to throw someone off balance before they were accepted. But on the other hand their words of praise to dancers that wouldn’t be making it impressed me, because they gave hope and urged them to continue on, to not give up, and to comeback.

  3. It was a little confusing. Most of these dancers we really didn’t see before, so it will be interesting to see how they measure up.

  4. Candice F said

    Just to clarify. Hok (or Hawk as you wrote it) wasn’t here illegally last year. He only had a student VISA, and therefore wasn’t allowed to work. But nothing was illegal.

  5. Thanks for the clarification, Candice. You’ll note in later posts I got his name right. My daughter corrected me, because he’s her fav!

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