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So You Think You Can Dance? First week of finals

Posted by jennytpartridge on June 14, 2007

I am a little peeved with the way the audition shows were filmed, because they really gave us NO idea about the immense talent that actually MADE the top 20. I was wondering about it, until I watched last night’s episode.

What INCREDIBLE talent. In the audition shows we did not learn that:

* Danny  is Travis Wall’s (one of last year’s finalists, and the most talented male dancer from last year, IMO) adopted brother, and trained with him. Fascinating! Danny is the bomb. Loved him.

*Sabra Johnson is from Roy, Utah, not far from me, and has only been dancing for four years! I’m guessing she comes from a military background, as we live right next to Hill Air Force Base, and she mentioned being born in the Netherlands and living in Germany. She did her training at Dance Impressions, in Bountiful.


Ashlee and Ricky performing together. Both are awesome dancers, but doing the Argentine Tango, they just did NOT click together. And Ashlee is GARGANTUAN next to Ricky, and it just did NOT fit.

I also didn’t think too much of Faina’s hip hop. Cedric was the bomb, though.


Jessi Peralta and Pasha, because I don’t think much of Jessi, but she REALLY pulled off the waltz.

So, that’s my thoughts, and I won’t be here to see who gets voted off, but my money’s on Faina and Dominic. We’ll see.


3 Responses to “So You Think You Can Dance? First week of finals”

  1. Cele said

    I waited and waited for you to post and then I forgot to take my notes to work with me.

    Ducky watched with me last night and I think is totally hooked. He has become a big Hok fan even thought he hates hip hop music.

    Okay as a child of the late sixties early seventies I have to say DISCO SUCKS. I didn’t like Sabra and Dominic’s dance, but they as dancers weren’t bad. I thought Jessie and Pasha were Elegant Romance. I haven’t been impressed with Faina but I thought she stepped up (though Mary’s comments confused me.)

    My favorite performances last night – Lacey and Karmeron (wow they were smokin’,) Sara and Jesus, and Shauna and Jimmy.

    My least favorite Lauren and Neil (I meant beyond disco) doing the salsa – absolutely no chemistry. I kept thinking dance hit spot, dance hit spot, dance hit spot. ugh.

  2. Jake said

    what was the dance called the one that Jesus and Sarah did

    the one with the newspapers

    it was awesome

    and mary said it was demented and terrific

    they looked like dancing zombies

  3. Natalie said

    Hi Jake,

    It was Cabaret Hoover, The Triplets of Belleville, choreographed by the MAN Wade Robson.

    You can watch it again here:


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