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SYTYCD?–June 19

Posted by jennytpartridge on June 22, 2007

So, I have this book, see, and it’s a Jenny T. Partridge Dance Mystery, see. And right as I was on deadline for this book, see, I also got my galleys, see.

Okay, I’ll quit that. It’s pretty annoying. But needless to say, my head is in the sand, and pedal to the medal (Jennyism. Don’t know what I mean. Read the books!). I’m busy. I have to finish the third book, and I mailed off the galleys (typeset copy of the second book) yesterday.

So I should NOT be watching television. Heck no. But here I am.

SO, on to SYTYCD. Last night’s show was pretty amazing. I was ONLY disappointed in one routine. You may remember I predicted that Faina would go home in the first show. She did not. But tonight, she did. So I was close. The other dancer eliminated was Jimmy. Personally, I felt like it should have been Cedric, but once again his “unique” style kept him safe. The man is a fish out of water in anything but his own genre, but there… He is brilliant. You can’t deny it. But this show is supposed to be about versatility.

Here’s a quick recap of the show last night.

Couple number one was Lauren and Neil. They did a hip hop routine choreographed by Dave Scott. I liked it okay, but it wasn’t my fave. The judges thought they were hot, and Neil was the bomb. Lauren really kept up, although Neil was the star. All the judges liked it. Nigel said they set the bar for everyone working out of their style.

Couple 2 was Jessi and Pasha. They did a jazz routine by Tyce Diorio. Overall, judges gave it high marks. (I’m more and more impressed by Jessi. Have changed my tune about her!)

Couple 3 was Jamie and Hok. They did the samba by Jean-Marc Genereaux. Mia loved it, said it was amazing. Sexy and tearing it up. Mary said it was not good enough for the show. Nigel said the choreography wasn’t a samba. I thought Hok was awkward and way out of his element. Carissa, who helped me with this recap, LOVES him. He can do no wrong in her book.

Couple 4 was Sabra and Dominic. Carissa loves them. It was a contemporary routine choreographed by Mandy Moore. Mia said that Dominic was what the competition was about. You might remember she did not like his cocky attitude in the Las Vegas auditions. She has changed her mind, as I have. He’s very funny and charming. The judges all said Sabra was beautiful. Mary got teary-eyed, and claimed Dominic was a force to be reckoned with. Nigel said he believes Dominic is taking this competition seriously. The Roberts clan really likes Dominic. He is charming and funny, and we laughed out loud at his “it was a jungle down there, Cat,” comment, when referring to shaving his toes. We like Sabra, too, but she is local, and we are prejudiced.

C0uple 5, Faina and Cedric did the foxtrot, choreographed by Hunter Johnson. Just a note here that I did not like this routine. To me, it was the only sour note in the night. Okay, back to recap. Mia said that Faina was beautiful, but she was disappointed that Cedric didn’t stylize it more. She also compared them to Ginger Rogers and an insecure Michael Jackson. (Is there any other kind of Michael Jackson?) Nigel said they needed to pick it up and they would be in the bottom three again. He was right. There was no charisma.

Couple number 6 was Lacey and Cameron. Carissa loves Lacey. Mom likes her too, frankly. Much more than I ever liked Benji OR Heidi, although if you plopped a blond wig on her, she would BE Heidi. They did a Broadway routine choreographed by Tyce Diorio. Mia said they were the sexiest couple. They were awesome together but she missed the pizzazz. Are you KIDDING me? They were ALL ABOUT THE pizzazz. And sexy? The Mormons are turning over in their, uh, temples. Nigel said they were so comfortable with each other, they looked like they had been dancing together for years.

Couple number 7 was Danny and Anya. I loved this number. It was beautiful. I’m not always impressed with ballroom, but they blew us out of the water. It was gorgeous. Wow. Hunter Johnson did the choreography. Mary loved it, of course. Mary also said they looked like they had just stepped out of a dream, and it was absolutely beautiful, and then she gave her trademark scream and said they were her favorite of the night… so far, of course. I agree.

Couple number 8 was Shauna and Jimmy. It was a hip hop/step routine by Dave Scott, who choreographed Stomp the Yard. Mia said that Jimmy was committed, Shauna stepped it up but she didn’t go completely outside the box, she wanted to see her do more. Mary said that they both stepped it up, but Jimmy stood out more. (And then Jimmy went home! And it wasn’t America, it was the judges! Go figure!) Nigel said he liked it, disagreed with Mia, who claimed that Shauna looked like she was performing as if she was still in dance school. He said “I’m going to use the ‘f’ word here. That was so much fun!”

The last couple, number 9, was Sara and Jesus. They performed the Pasa Doble choreagraphed by Jean-Marc Generaux. I’m pretty amazed at Sara. Frankly, I didn’t think she had it in her. She is a breaker, and yet last night she looked absolutely lovely. She has no professional training, but obviously, a TON of natural talent. You go Sara. Mia said it was awkward, because of the music (Queen’s We Will Rock You) although she loved Jesus’s carriage and presence, and said Sara was fabulous. Mary said it was a great routine. She understood what Mia was saying, but thought they both looked amazing. Nigel said it was the music was kind of an experiment, and Jesus was fantastic, and Sara was beautiful. He was surprised at how good she did and how good she looked.

I agree.

So that’s it. Faina and Jimmy went home. And next week, I expect the “barre” to be even HIGHER. Maybe by then, this book will be done!

(Special thanks to Chatter Child, aka Carissa, for helping me recap the events.)


One Response to “SYTYCD?–June 19”

  1. Cele said

    You have those moments where you kick yourself in the butt for having missed the first seasons of a great reality show. This is it. I love this show, Ducky is really enjoying it, despite it not being dancing with the stars.

    I have two big peeves. 1) The camera angles totally suck. You can’t get the full impact of a routine because the director is trying to be artsy fartsy and has no clue. 2) They are booting the wrong guys.

    How Pasha and Jessie made the bottom three is beyond me – they totally rocked. Their performance was spot on, captivating, hot.

    Sabra and Dominic totally sold it this week. Wonderful, connections, flows, and ebbs. Loved the Alvin Alley reference.

    Sarah and Jesus – OHMIGOD unbelieveable. I love Queen but was half and half on the music selection. But Sarah and Jesus sold the performance. You are so right, Sarah is much more than she appears. You can feel them feeding off each other.

    Lacey and Kameron – The chorography didn’t live up to their ability, and the dress totally pulled my attention away from the dance.

    Hurray the ice queen is gone, Faina did nothing for me and was limited in her ability. They blamed Cedric for not supporting his partner, I think she failed him. But it should have been Cedric gone, not Jimmy.

    I love your comments, don’t stop.

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