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So You Think You Can Dance–June 27

Posted by jennytpartridge on June 28, 2007

Some big suprises from last night’s show, and I’m going to start off by mentioning that two routines were my absolutely favorites.

The most incredible presentation of the night came from Hok and Jaimie, who did an incredible hummingbird and flower dance, choreographed by Wade Robson. It was simply spinechilling. Hok WAS the hummingbird, and Jamie WAS the flower.

Misty and I (Dancing Daughter’s Dance teacher) spent a while today talking about the show, and frankly, it electrified BOTH of us.

The judges agreed.

Guest Judge Debbie Allen, “Famed” choreographer (Think FAME) thought it was brilliant. Mary said it was wonderful, and Nigel said it was brilliant and beautiful. All three judges sent props to Wade Robson. I have seen a lot of his routines, and I would say I knew he was good, but never recognized his GENIUS.

The other standout of the night was Sabra (go Utah!) and Dominic, who did a rumba choreographed by Jen-Marc Generaux. Debbie said it was hot fun, and they were beautiful together. Mary said it was a good partnership, and they were connected. Then she gave them a little trademark scream and sent them on the “hot tamale train.” Nigel said Sabra was beautiful, and the routine was well done.

I should mention that Pasha was forced to dance without Jessi Peralta, who had to be taken to the hospital. They announced that she had some problem with her heart, but I did hear today that it was dehydration, so I am hoping she will be okay. Pasha performed his routine, a cha cha, with Tony Meriden’s assistant, and did a FABULOUS job. (I hear the assistant is quite an accomplished dancer, so it was to his benefit.) Personally, I hope Jessi is okay, but frankly, find her the weakest dancer among the females, and I feel like she should be the one going home.

Danny and Anya did a hip hop that was very good, but Anya had a harder time connecting with the style, in my opinion. The judges liked it, did not rave, but were not disappointed.

Sarah and Jesus did a krump routine, choreographed by Lil C. All the judges loved it. I liked it, but after Sabra and Dominic, and then Hok and Jaimie, it kind of faded from my mind. Just being honest here.

Shauna and Cedric did a contemporary piece by Mia Michaels. Cedric, who should have gone home last week, really struggled, and thus made Shauna’s job all the harder. Of course, it is her style, and not his, but the other breakers/b-boyers like Hok and Dominc are mastering the other styles. Cedric, who is INCREDIBLE at what he does, is not.

One of my faves, Lacey and Cameron, were good, but didn’t really stand out last night. They did the quickstep, and it did it well, but some of the other routines were just SO outstanding that this was not the best. That’s okay, because they have rocked the house in the past, and frankly, I’m sure, will continue to do so.

The biggest disappointment of the night came from Lauren and Neil. Dancing Daughter is VERY mad at me, because she loves Lauren, but I found their tango disconnected and choppy. For the most part, the judges agreed.

So who should go home? Cedric is the weakest of the male dancers, although he is an incredible dancer. Debbie Allen offered him a scholarship to dance at her studio, and I hope she follows through. With some training, he will be VERY versatile. Frankly, he was quite a gentleman about acknowledging his lack of training, and I see great things for him in the future, but I think he is the male that will get voted off.

Females? Much harder. The obvious female will be Jessi Peralta, if she does not come back to the show. Even if she DOES come back, in my opinion, she needs to be the one to go. She has surprised me in some routines, but she simply doesn’t have the technical skill, the heart, and the sheer desire the other dancers show.

My vote: Jessie Peralta and Cedric Gardner.

Tune in later tonight to see if I was right or wrong.


2 Responses to “So You Think You Can Dance–June 27”

  1. Cele said

    I agree it is Jessie and Cedric tonight.

    In total agreement with you Hok and Jaimie were phenomonal last night. I could watch that preformance again and again. I was totally smitten with last week’s bird dance, this week’s was unbelievable. Enchanting. Beautiful. Riviting.

    I felt bad for Pasha, not only as his partner undisposed, but I thought Tony’s assistant sucked.

    Dominic and Sabra’s Rumba didn’t seem like a Rumba to me, but it was hot, beautiful, great balance.

    My overall thoughts for the night…I wasn’t impressed by the Great Debbie Allen’s critiques. She is historical, but her critiques were flattery and blah. So was the choreography for many of the pieces…Shawna & Cedric’s contemporary piece, Lacey & Kameron’s quick step, Anja & Danny’s Hip Hop (I totally agreed with Nigel’s crit on this one.) Blah Blah Blah.

    Now you need to get Misty to comment 🙂

  2. Yeah, I agree, too, Cele. I think Debbie, as a guest judge, wanted to appease everyone. But WOW. I am stunned by the results.

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