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So You Think You Can Dance–July 26

Posted by jennytpartridge on July 27, 2007

by the way im not using correct grammar due to the lack of my interest. u can read it in i.m., i hope…lol

tonight the bottom 2 girls were jaimie and lauren. i wasnt shocked that jaimie was in the bottom, due to the fact that , in my opinion, is lacking. she is good, dont get me wrong, but she doesnt dance and make me saw “OMG WOW!!!”. i was shocked that lauren was in the bottom because she is the kind of dancer that makes a dancers-big-sister that doesnt dance, say “say wow, she makes me want to dance”. the bottom 2 guys were dominic and kameron. i personally like them both, but hok was my hero… no one will ever be as good as him. dom, being a b-boyer, doesnt really have formal training, so the thing keeping him in the competition is that he can dance, he gives it his all and that captures americas votes. kameron is also awesome, he does lack in technique, but what he doesnt lack in, b-boying and contemporary, can only take him so far.

the 2 to go home were kameron and jaimie. both amazing dancers, but they arent americas fave. technically speaking, they’re financially sound for quite some time, because of the tour & publicity due to the show. they will be busy with all sorts of oppurtunities. i dont worry that they’ll be fine.

well now that you’ve heard my point of view, its time for me to sign-out.

anyways, positive comments appreciated!! later dudes!



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Change Partners – SYTYCD – 25 July 07

Posted by jennytpartridge on July 26, 2007

Guest Blogger

Guest Judge Mia Michaels. This woman rocks, she has it all, beauty, passion, talent, compassion, and a good eye. 

Can we say the Best and the Worst that Choreography has to bring.  That is what we ended up with last night. The best personified in a fabulous Shane Sparks Hip Hop routine, and the worst in a Spicy Non-Viennese Waltz by a choreographer, whose name – thank heavens – escapes me.


 At first the brilliance that is Wade Robson escaped me. Wade was commissioned to create one solo routine to be performed by each of the top ten.  The theme war and peace was personified by the word each dancer chose to etch on their own Peace T-shirt. 

Unity ♦ Peace ♦ Love ♦ Compassion ♦

Patience ♦ Community ♦ Humanity ♦ Humility ♦Communication ♦ Harmony

And the dancer’s interpretation of the Robson work. It totally escaped me. Until well you’ll see. This week each dancer is voted on individually, with one male and one female dancer saying good-bye. 

The Solos 

Jaimie all I got from her was a peace sign at the end. She has beautiful lines, but her dance seemed disjoined to me and passionless. 

Dominic was better than Jaimie and showed some technique I hadn’t expected 

Sara was the best interpretation to this point and I began to see what Robson had designed 

Pasha, oh horror.  No passion, no extension, no nothing.  Pasha is stiff. This dance truly showed where he lacks. I give him points from trying but demerits for not understanding. 

Lauren wow, I loved her interpretation, her musicality of the performance, she molded the piece in to a performance. 

Neil is just too athletic, but he showed emotion in his interpretation and presentation 

Sabra is stunning 

Kameron was just okay, but he didn’t grab me 

Lacey brings a whole new attitude to John Mayer’s Waiting For The World To Change 

Danny, I love his lines, his fluidity. But I felt that while I liked half of the performance he lost the other half in his interpretation 

The very best routine and performance opened the show when the newly partnered Lauren and Pasha pulled hip hop for the week and were blessed with a Shane Sparks master piece. A fabulous, awesome routine. I kept watching Lauren, who was just amazing, but Pasha held his own, matching Lauren step for step, movement for movement. 

Sabra and Kameron drew contemporary this week.  I did like most of the dance, the timing was off in a few places. Sabra is amazing. 

Danny and Lacey performed a hot, sizzling, spices, passionate, sexy, and did I mention hot? Samba. Did you notice their feet work? One word. TIGHT. Wow. The piece was choreographed by Dimetri from last season, he understands Samba. 

Jaimie and Dominic sadly were given the worst routine of the night, maybe the month. They pulled the Viennese Waltz.  There was nothing, nothing, nothing Viennese about this dance. It was no waltz. This duo was sadly, badly let down by their choreographer. 

Sara and Neil wrapped up the partnering routines. Fun. They were having so much fun. You could see it in every movement. On the faces of the Judges – On the faces of both, Sara and Neil.  And oh mi gosh it was Disco. I was smiling too.  Okay so maybe all Disco doesn’t suck.  

So the best performances of the night were  

♦ Lauren and Pasha’s Hip Hop routine

♦ Sara and Neil’s Disco  

Best Solos 

♦ Lauren

♦ Lacey

♦ Sara 

Going home this week? Wow I’m not sure I can say, but of course I will try. 

Female – Jaimie

Male – it’s a toss up – Neil, Dominic, or Pasha. 

The women most certainly shined over the men. And Mia Michaels…I heart you. 



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Dancing Daughter receives Scholarship at Dance Utah

Posted by jennytpartridge on July 25, 2007

So, we spent the week in Utah County, at DANCE UTAH, and I really don’t like Utah County. Sorry, Happy Valley residents. But the vibe down there is JUST weird. NOTHING is open on Sunday. At least here in Davis County there are still restaurants and stores open. Down there, you wanna eat, you go to a convenience store.

But it was a fruitful trip. Not only did the dancers get an AWESOME opportunity, but DD received one of two scholarships given out to her group. She is thrilled. So am I, because since she insists on going every year, next year, her tuition is paid.

 You go, DD.

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Posted by jennytpartridge on July 20, 2007

Wade Robson and Mia Michaels both received Emmy nominations today from the Academy of Television.  As posted earlier today on the Academy’s website: 

  Dancing With The StarsEpisode Number: 303AABCBBC Worldwide Productions, LLC         Louis Van Amstel, Choreographer
  So You Think You Can DanceRamalama (Bang Bang)Fox19 TV Ltd and Dick Clark Productions, Inc.             Wade Robson, Choreographer
  So You Think You Can DanceCalling YouFox19 TV Ltd and Dick Clark Productions, Inc.             Mia Michaels, Choreographer

 But tonight, oh no no no I was not happy with Mr Robson.  Oh no no no. Nor Mary Murphy, nor Nigel Lythgoe. I am heart broken.  Here were tonight’s Bottom Three.  

Anja and Danny

      Nigel said, “It was the best Foxtrot he’s ever seen on this stage.    

      Anya did a solo ballroom performance that left me with the blahs again.    

      Danny is magic 

Jaimie and Hok

      Wade said, “He didn’t feel they were connected to the story.”  All three judges raved about Jaimie.  But when they were named to the bottom three it was apparent the audience disagreed.  Loudly.    

     Jaimie’s solo – perfection in motion    

     Hok’s just amazing 

Lauren and Neil 

      I loved their quirky piece by the Emmy nominated Mia Michaels.  But neither Mary nor Nigel understood it. 

     Wade felt them being in the bottom three was, “Just Wrong.”    

      Lacey’s solo was musical attitude     

      Neil’s athletic (he doesn’t have Danny’s stretch or grace, but carries his own style.) 

In the end the vote for the departing female dancer was split.    

While they thought Jaimie’s solo was okay, it hadn’t been as good as in the past. She was safe.    They don’t feel Lauren has reached her potential, but she did achieve in her solo what they had hoped for.  

Anja is going home. While she is great partnering she has problems are with her solos. 

For the guys the decision was unanimous, and I have to question a portion of their discussion or reasoning.  They pointed out that B-boys had a good representation with Sarah and Dominic (paraphrasing here) who are showing growth and versatility.

No comments were given to Neil and Danny.  Hok is gone, I am heartsore.   The audience was very much in opposition of Hok’s termination on the show and voiced their discontent, once again…loudly. Hok, the great character that he is, did two incredible things. First he agreed that it was only just the beginning for him, and then (the second part) he danced his way to the end of the credits. The man is incredible. 

So America you Top Ten finalist are… 

Kameron Bink

Sara Von Gillern

Jamie Goodwin

Lauren Gottlieb

Neil Haskell

Sabra Johnson

Pasha Kovalev

Dominic Sandoval

Lacey Schwimmer

Danny Tidwell            

Next week it is change partners, and the competition heats up.


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SYTYCD July 18th – Guest Blogger Cele

Posted by jennytpartridge on July 19, 2007

Wow, Wade Robson guest judging the only thing I can do is echo Nigel Lithgoe’s woes, as it means we wouldn’t be getting a fabulous piece choreographed by Robson. The man totally rocks and understands the full, multi-dimensional dynamics of dance.  Some choreographers create a dance, but Robson creates a whole new universe of movement, emotion, and space.


This would be the last week our teams would be partnering together. This is the last week to make the final ten. So how did our dancers do this week?  (Beware, I don’t take as good of notes as Jen.)


Sabra and Dominic – before the dancing began I had a headache watching Dominic dump Sabra on her head week after week, dance practice after practice.  The Duo pulled the Jive out of the dance hat for this week’s routine.  Beautiful choreography and the chemistry between these two dancers is fabulous.  I don’t remember what each judge said, but I do remember the remarks noting Sabra has only been dancing and Dominic has never been formally trained. And the ending throw was excellent. They had timing, the energy required by the Jive, and wonderful toe points in all their kicks.  And partnering? Dominic has come a very long way.


Jaimie and Hok ended up with Broadway.  The judges and I greatly differed in our opinions. I thought the piece was magical. I love how Jaimie (what a swan) and Hok playoff each other. Their chemistry fills the air. The judges kept expecting more from Hok, I think in that respect you have to look to the choreographer and not the dancer, he has to remain within the bounds of the dance given him. The choreography let down Hok, not the other way around…But that is my own opinion.


Sarah and Pasha. Each and every week Sarah surprises the heck out of me. For a B-girl Sarah picks up technique quickly, she has dance attitude and is adaptable.  Pasha on the other hand is to elongated and unbendable. This week they chose Jazz.  The hands were right, Sarah shown, but Pasha looked like a fish out of water to me. Too straight, too long bodied. I didn’t care for the piece. It was just blah for me.


Lauren and Neil, I love this couple they have so much character and if they don’t have charisma and chemistry then they act like it, because you’d never know.  The pair pulled Contemporary out of the hat and were blessed with a Mia Michaels spectacular. I loved this quirky piece.  I remember thinking bobble heads because of the matching actions of both dancers.  I believe it was Lauren who dubbed it bank robber meets plumber. I had to laugh because the description so very much fit the dance.  Neil had an off moment towards the end of the dance but my over all impression was I loved the whole thing.


Danny and Anja. I could watch Danny dance forever.  He is heavenly.  At the beginning of the season there was an arrogant attitude to Danny. The competition has peeled away Danny’s façade and we get to see the real him, the fabulous dancer that is buried beneath.  Anja, I’m still not buying, nope, no way. I think she tries, but she is a one-dimensional dancer. And I’m still rankled that she stayed over Shauna.  Danny and Anja pulled the foxtrot. The perfect dance for Anja, but for me it was Danny who shown.  He was reminiscent of the elegance that was Fred Astaire. But sorry Anja is no Ginger Rogers.


Lacey and Kameron pulled hip hop this week, and once again the boy lost the girl by the end of the routine. But what a routine it was.  The one critique I remember was from Wade who said Kameron floated on top of the music instead of dancing inside of the music.  I hadn’t noted that myself, but if I could get an instant replay I will play closer attention to the musicality of the dance.  Over all, I enjoyed the dance, the chemistry, the choreography. A great thing about this show is that it shows the normal everyday me a new side to Hip Hop.


So my favorite routines this week were Lauren and Neil, Sabra and Dominic, Hok and Jaimie, and Lacey and Kameron.


Who do I think are going home this week?  If it was me deciding it would be Anja and Pasha. But I’m not the deciding factor, it is you America…so tonight we’ll see WHAT YOU HAVE DONE.


Jenny T, thank you s for the opportunity,


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Cedric and Shauna Leave SYTYCD

Posted by jennytpartridge on July 13, 2007

Okay, so once again I’m 50/50. Cedric did go home tonight, which was the right decision, BUT then the judges sent Shauna home. HELLO??? Anya? Who basically does the SAME solo every week? Who does not have the technical skill or ability that Shauna has? Sheesh.

I disagreed with the judges on that decision, but I wonder if they made it because Shauna was a contemporary dancer, as is Lauren and Jaimie. Probably, of the three, she was the weakest, which is kind of a strange thing to be saying considering her strength. But to keep three contemporary dancers possibly went against the purpose of the show, which is to spotlight all kinds of dance. And truthfully, Anya is good. Given some technical training, perhaps she could keep up to the other girls. She definitely has a spirit and a personality.

 I’m telling you, from this day forward, it’s going to be a tough call. I’ve talked about Pasha’s sense of humor and Dominic’s charm, and sense of humor, and now I must add Neil to that group. He was awesome last night in the Wade Robson routine, and he REALLY showed his charisma, and that MAGIC that Nigel is always talking about.

 I look at these finalists, and I really don’t think I’m going to be disappointed, no matter the outcome. They are all pretty incredible.

I love this show.

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So You Think You Can Dance–July 11

Posted by jennytpartridge on July 12, 2007

Is it just me, or does anyone else think Wade Robson is just KICKING it as a choreographer? I mean, I’ve seen his work before, and I always knew he was good, but first there was the incredible Hok/Jaimie routine two weeks ago, and last night Lauren and Neil finished off the night with the BEST OF THE BEST. Their jazz routine was quirky, fun, and the costuming was fabulous.

Another surprise–albeit an enjoyable one–was the West Coast Swing routine performed by Sara and Pasha, and choreographed by last year’s winner, Benji Schwimmer. Pasha is fast becoming one of my very favorite dancers, not just for skill, but for his sense of humor. Last night’s routine was a standout, and it’s pretty amazing when you consider that Sara and Pasha both lost their partners two weeks ago, and this was their first time dancing together.

You would not have known it. They rocked!

Those two routines were my faves, and the judges seemed to agree. The guest judge was Adam Shankman, choreographer from Hairspray, and he seemed a little more honest than some of the guest judges have been.

Apparently, there was a bit of controversy over Jessi’s leaving on the last show, and frankly, I don’t see why. She really didn’t have the skill or chops to even be in the top 20. I could never figure out how she got there. So, to me, it was a just decision. But Nigel explained they had received a petition with over 1,000 signatures, asking for her to be put back in. Apparently, some viewers found her ousting unfair, since she had been ill and hospitalized. As Nigel pointed out, if this were the Olympics, and the runner sprained an ankle, they wouldn’t RERUN the race for him/her.

Now, here are the routines recapped, with judges comments.

Lacey and Kameron–These two danced the hustle, choreographed by Maria Torres. The judges liked it a lot, mainly Lacey’s performance. Adam said the showmanship was “truly, truly awesome.” Mary said they were “definitely hustling,” and she said, “Lacey, you’re killing it tonight.” And Nigel said he liked Lacey… But Kameron was going to have to bring his performance up a level because she was outshining him.

Cedric and Shauna–This duo danced a mambo, choreographed by Alex da Silva. I was not impressed at all. Then the judges lavished some praise on Cedric I felt was undeserved. Shauna looked rigid. It was, overall, a huge disappointment. Adam said it was “better than I thought it was going to be.” He thought Shauna was fantastic. Mary said Shauna was definitely on the Hot Tamale Train. Where is that train? I would like to get on it, but I guess you need a special invitation. Then Mary said that this was the first time she thought Cedric should stay. Compared to the others? Uh, no. Nigel said Shauna was fantastic, and Cedric looked tight. He said he was very proud of him.

Danny and Anya–These two danced a contemporary routine choreographed by Tyce DiOrio. I LOVED it! It was the third best routine of the night. Adam said that Danny was a “beautiful male dancer,” but that he felt him disconnect from her. Mary said it was tremendous, and she loved Danny’s leaps. Nigel said Anya was terrific, but Danny needed to find that magic. Adam jumped in and said that he saw Danny as arrogant, and then a discussion ensued about whether the problem was arrogance, or that there was no “it” factor. I wondered who the heck they had been watching. Danny was the bomb, and Anya, who lacks his technical skill, managed to keep up.

Sara and Pasha–I already raved about their West Coast Swing, choreographed by Benji. Nigel said it was “magic.” Adam said that if they were auditioning for him, they had the job. And Mary said it was a great routine. “What a performance!” Unfortunately, they did not get a ticket to the Hot Tamale Train. Sorry guys. I think you earned it.

Sabra and Dominic–These two did a hip hop choreographed by Shane Sparks. It wasn’t a standout, to me, but they did a good job. Adam said it was a nice breakthrough for hip hop, with a good job storytelling. Mary agreed, saying, “They sure did.” Nigel thought it was terrible. “Terrible that it lasted such a short time.”

Jaimie and Hok–Unfortunately for Hok, these two drew the Waltz. He’s been pulling off some amazing stuff, but he just looked WEIRD in the suit. It seemed like he was a little boy trying on Daddy’s clothes. Very uncomfortable. And Jaimie seemed SO much larger than him, even though she really isn’t. The dance was choreographed by Toni Redpath. It was very pretty, and elegant, but Hok just didn’t seem to fit in the routine. Adam said Jaimie had beautiful lines. Mary thought the beginning was well done, but it lost something along the way. Nigel said there was not enough waltz, and he didn’t love it.

Lauren and Neil–This was the STANDOUT of the night, and the last routine. Go Wade! All the judges loved it as well. Adam said “This is what this competition is all about. Mary said she loved it, and Nigel said they definitely “Saved the best for last.”


Okay, is there romance in the air? Dominic has his hands ALL OVER Sabra, even though he confessed on-air to a huge crush on Cat Deeley. Then he said something about her being seven-feet tall and having a “French” accent, so who knows if he is serious. Maybe he’s just a touchy-feely guy. It will be interesting to watch.

And Jaimie and Hok also were asked about having “crushes” on each other. Jaimie blushed terribly when asked about it, so methinks at least a bit of it is true. Hok was DEFINITELY uncomfortable. Makes it fun to watch.

So, that was last night’s episode. Who is going home tonight?

My money is on Cedric and Anya. But I’ve pretty much been wrong every week, so we shall see.

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