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So You Think You Can Dance–July 11

Posted by jennytpartridge on July 12, 2007

Is it just me, or does anyone else think Wade Robson is just KICKING it as a choreographer? I mean, I’ve seen his work before, and I always knew he was good, but first there was the incredible Hok/Jaimie routine two weeks ago, and last night Lauren and Neil finished off the night with the BEST OF THE BEST. Their jazz routine was quirky, fun, and the costuming was fabulous.

Another surprise–albeit an enjoyable one–was the West Coast Swing routine performed by Sara and Pasha, and choreographed by last year’s winner, Benji Schwimmer. Pasha is fast becoming one of my very favorite dancers, not just for skill, but for his sense of humor. Last night’s routine was a standout, and it’s pretty amazing when you consider that Sara and Pasha both lost their partners two weeks ago, and this was their first time dancing together.

You would not have known it. They rocked!

Those two routines were my faves, and the judges seemed to agree. The guest judge was Adam Shankman, choreographer from Hairspray, and he seemed a little more honest than some of the guest judges have been.

Apparently, there was a bit of controversy over Jessi’s leaving on the last show, and frankly, I don’t see why. She really didn’t have the skill or chops to even be in the top 20. I could never figure out how she got there. So, to me, it was a just decision. But Nigel explained they had received a petition with over 1,000 signatures, asking for her to be put back in. Apparently, some viewers found her ousting unfair, since she had been ill and hospitalized. As Nigel pointed out, if this were the Olympics, and the runner sprained an ankle, they wouldn’t RERUN the race for him/her.

Now, here are the routines recapped, with judges comments.

Lacey and Kameron–These two danced the hustle, choreographed by Maria Torres. The judges liked it a lot, mainly Lacey’s performance. Adam said the showmanship was “truly, truly awesome.” Mary said they were “definitely hustling,” and she said, “Lacey, you’re killing it tonight.” And Nigel said he liked Lacey… But Kameron was going to have to bring his performance up a level because she was outshining him.

Cedric and Shauna–This duo danced a mambo, choreographed by Alex da Silva. I was not impressed at all. Then the judges lavished some praise on Cedric I felt was undeserved. Shauna looked rigid. It was, overall, a huge disappointment. Adam said it was “better than I thought it was going to be.” He thought Shauna was fantastic. Mary said Shauna was definitely on the Hot Tamale Train. Where is that train? I would like to get on it, but I guess you need a special invitation. Then Mary said that this was the first time she thought Cedric should stay. Compared to the others? Uh, no. Nigel said Shauna was fantastic, and Cedric looked tight. He said he was very proud of him.

Danny and Anya–These two danced a contemporary routine choreographed by Tyce DiOrio. I LOVED it! It was the third best routine of the night. Adam said that Danny was a “beautiful male dancer,” but that he felt him disconnect from her. Mary said it was tremendous, and she loved Danny’s leaps. Nigel said Anya was terrific, but Danny needed to find that magic. Adam jumped in and said that he saw Danny as arrogant, and then a discussion ensued about whether the problem was arrogance, or that there was no “it” factor. I wondered who the heck they had been watching. Danny was the bomb, and Anya, who lacks his technical skill, managed to keep up.

Sara and Pasha–I already raved about their West Coast Swing, choreographed by Benji. Nigel said it was “magic.” Adam said that if they were auditioning for him, they had the job. And Mary said it was a great routine. “What a performance!” Unfortunately, they did not get a ticket to the Hot Tamale Train. Sorry guys. I think you earned it.

Sabra and Dominic–These two did a hip hop choreographed by Shane Sparks. It wasn’t a standout, to me, but they did a good job. Adam said it was a nice breakthrough for hip hop, with a good job storytelling. Mary agreed, saying, “They sure did.” Nigel thought it was terrible. “Terrible that it lasted such a short time.”

Jaimie and Hok–Unfortunately for Hok, these two drew the Waltz. He’s been pulling off some amazing stuff, but he just looked WEIRD in the suit. It seemed like he was a little boy trying on Daddy’s clothes. Very uncomfortable. And Jaimie seemed SO much larger than him, even though she really isn’t. The dance was choreographed by Toni Redpath. It was very pretty, and elegant, but Hok just didn’t seem to fit in the routine. Adam said Jaimie had beautiful lines. Mary thought the beginning was well done, but it lost something along the way. Nigel said there was not enough waltz, and he didn’t love it.

Lauren and Neil–This was the STANDOUT of the night, and the last routine. Go Wade! All the judges loved it as well. Adam said “This is what this competition is all about. Mary said she loved it, and Nigel said they definitely “Saved the best for last.”


Okay, is there romance in the air? Dominic has his hands ALL OVER Sabra, even though he confessed on-air to a huge crush on Cat Deeley. Then he said something about her being seven-feet tall and having a “French” accent, so who knows if he is serious. Maybe he’s just a touchy-feely guy. It will be interesting to watch.

And Jaimie and Hok also were asked about having “crushes” on each other. Jaimie blushed terribly when asked about it, so methinks at least a bit of it is true. Hok was DEFINITELY uncomfortable. Makes it fun to watch.

So, that was last night’s episode. Who is going home tonight?

My money is on Cedric and Anya. But I’ve pretty much been wrong every week, so we shall see.


2 Responses to “So You Think You Can Dance–July 11”

  1. Cele said

    I am so hooked on this show, and so is Ducky. Last night’s guest judge totally “gets it” he understands what a guest judge should do and he did it.

    When I heard Hustle I cringed. Lacey and Kameron were, I love their strenght and partnering. They connect.

    I was confused when Shauna and Cedric got raves. I have to say Cedric rocked it out during the fast step portion of their dance, but over all I thought their Mambo looked heavy and sluggish.

    Danny and Anya’s contemporary dance had fabulous choreography, their interpretation was very nice. But all eyes were on Anja? Get real. I couldn’t take my eyes off Danny – the man is amazing, so light, so disapplined, such passion. The judges are crazy.

    Sara and Pasha had great chemistry you can see their fire.

    I liked Sabra and Dominic’s Hip Hop routine. It didn’t feel like hip hop. Their connection and timing was wonderful, and I agree I think there is something there between them. Just like

    Jaimie and Hok. I enjoyed thier dance because Jaimie’s lines and extention is so beautiful. They have a tenderness and a passion. But the dance was bla and not really a waltz. I hope that Hok’s past performances – strenghts and power carry him through this week.

    Lauren and Neil what Pizazzzzz!!! you are so right Wade Robson kicks ass. Lauren and Neil’s interpretation was fantastic, the best dance of the night.

    But that is the problem with the whole night. Almost all of the routines were fabulous and knowing who should go each week is going to be excruitating. But this week I am thinking it should be Anya and Cedric…oh wait that is what you said too. Great Minds and all that stuff. So what did the girls think? I’d love to hear the insights of Dancing Daugher and Chatter Child.

  2. Natalie said

    I agree, Cele. The bar is SO high this year, that it’s just incredible. I tried to get CC to blog again, but she didn’t want to, for some teenage reason. DD loved it. She agreed with me on every routine. CC loved Neil and Lauren, and she thinks Hok and Jaimie have something going….

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