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Cedric and Shauna Leave SYTYCD

Posted by jennytpartridge on July 13, 2007

Okay, so once again I’m 50/50. Cedric did go home tonight, which was the right decision, BUT then the judges sent Shauna home. HELLO??? Anya? Who basically does the SAME solo every week? Who does not have the technical skill or ability that Shauna has? Sheesh.

I disagreed with the judges on that decision, but I wonder if they made it because Shauna was a contemporary dancer, as is Lauren and Jaimie. Probably, of the three, she was the weakest, which is kind of a strange thing to be saying considering her strength. But to keep three contemporary dancers possibly went against the purpose of the show, which is to spotlight all kinds of dance. And truthfully, Anya is good. Given some technical training, perhaps she could keep up to the other girls. She definitely has a spirit and a personality.

 I’m telling you, from this day forward, it’s going to be a tough call. I’ve talked about Pasha’s sense of humor and Dominic’s charm, and sense of humor, and now I must add Neil to that group. He was awesome last night in the Wade Robson routine, and he REALLY showed his charisma, and that MAGIC that Nigel is always talking about.

 I look at these finalists, and I really don’t think I’m going to be disappointed, no matter the outcome. They are all pretty incredible.

I love this show.


3 Responses to “Cedric and Shauna Leave SYTYCD”

  1. Cele said

    I had to work late tonight. How late? I got home to see the axe fall and that was it. But I did record the show so I can watch the solos.

    I am boggled, while you could be right about the reason they cut Shauna I stand in total disagreement with their decision. How? How I as could they cut Shauna over Anya? It defies logic. They keep saying in the search for America’s favorite dancer. I wonder.

    At this point of the show it shouldn’t be a balance of types, but a dance off of the very best. They have already shown poor judgement in offing two extremely talented dancers and keeping Cedric, full well knowing that he’s time was metered. It’s the same with Anja. An excellent dancer went home tonight to keep Anya. They are falling into their same sandtrap of illogic.

    I was sad (but knew it was coming) to see Hok and Jaimie in the bottom. They are both such incredible dancers, I am glad they are still alive in the competition.

    So on to next week. Fingers crossed.

  2. Cele said

    Oh thank you for letting me rant. After I watch the show I maybe back to rant some more. 🙄

  3. Jayne said

    The reason they cut Shauna was because she wasn’t improving as a dancer on the show. Anya’s solos aren’t that good but you can tell she’s grown — she hasn’t really had a bad performance yet. Across the board she can pretty much dance everything and with flair. Jessica is a comtemporary dancer and since her solo was better than Shauna’s, and she is improving, they had to cut Shauna.

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