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SYTYCD July 18th – Guest Blogger Cele

Posted by jennytpartridge on July 19, 2007

Wow, Wade Robson guest judging the only thing I can do is echo Nigel Lithgoe’s woes, as it means we wouldn’t be getting a fabulous piece choreographed by Robson. The man totally rocks and understands the full, multi-dimensional dynamics of dance.  Some choreographers create a dance, but Robson creates a whole new universe of movement, emotion, and space.


This would be the last week our teams would be partnering together. This is the last week to make the final ten. So how did our dancers do this week?  (Beware, I don’t take as good of notes as Jen.)


Sabra and Dominic – before the dancing began I had a headache watching Dominic dump Sabra on her head week after week, dance practice after practice.  The Duo pulled the Jive out of the dance hat for this week’s routine.  Beautiful choreography and the chemistry between these two dancers is fabulous.  I don’t remember what each judge said, but I do remember the remarks noting Sabra has only been dancing and Dominic has never been formally trained. And the ending throw was excellent. They had timing, the energy required by the Jive, and wonderful toe points in all their kicks.  And partnering? Dominic has come a very long way.


Jaimie and Hok ended up with Broadway.  The judges and I greatly differed in our opinions. I thought the piece was magical. I love how Jaimie (what a swan) and Hok playoff each other. Their chemistry fills the air. The judges kept expecting more from Hok, I think in that respect you have to look to the choreographer and not the dancer, he has to remain within the bounds of the dance given him. The choreography let down Hok, not the other way around…But that is my own opinion.


Sarah and Pasha. Each and every week Sarah surprises the heck out of me. For a B-girl Sarah picks up technique quickly, she has dance attitude and is adaptable.  Pasha on the other hand is to elongated and unbendable. This week they chose Jazz.  The hands were right, Sarah shown, but Pasha looked like a fish out of water to me. Too straight, too long bodied. I didn’t care for the piece. It was just blah for me.


Lauren and Neil, I love this couple they have so much character and if they don’t have charisma and chemistry then they act like it, because you’d never know.  The pair pulled Contemporary out of the hat and were blessed with a Mia Michaels spectacular. I loved this quirky piece.  I remember thinking bobble heads because of the matching actions of both dancers.  I believe it was Lauren who dubbed it bank robber meets plumber. I had to laugh because the description so very much fit the dance.  Neil had an off moment towards the end of the dance but my over all impression was I loved the whole thing.


Danny and Anja. I could watch Danny dance forever.  He is heavenly.  At the beginning of the season there was an arrogant attitude to Danny. The competition has peeled away Danny’s façade and we get to see the real him, the fabulous dancer that is buried beneath.  Anja, I’m still not buying, nope, no way. I think she tries, but she is a one-dimensional dancer. And I’m still rankled that she stayed over Shauna.  Danny and Anja pulled the foxtrot. The perfect dance for Anja, but for me it was Danny who shown.  He was reminiscent of the elegance that was Fred Astaire. But sorry Anja is no Ginger Rogers.


Lacey and Kameron pulled hip hop this week, and once again the boy lost the girl by the end of the routine. But what a routine it was.  The one critique I remember was from Wade who said Kameron floated on top of the music instead of dancing inside of the music.  I hadn’t noted that myself, but if I could get an instant replay I will play closer attention to the musicality of the dance.  Over all, I enjoyed the dance, the chemistry, the choreography. A great thing about this show is that it shows the normal everyday me a new side to Hip Hop.


So my favorite routines this week were Lauren and Neil, Sabra and Dominic, Hok and Jaimie, and Lacey and Kameron.


Who do I think are going home this week?  If it was me deciding it would be Anja and Pasha. But I’m not the deciding factor, it is you America…so tonight we’ll see WHAT YOU HAVE DONE.


Jenny T, thank you s for the opportunity,



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