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Posted by jennytpartridge on July 20, 2007

Wade Robson and Mia Michaels both received Emmy nominations today from the Academy of Television.  As posted earlier today on the Academy’s website: 

  Dancing With The StarsEpisode Number: 303AABCBBC Worldwide Productions, LLC         Louis Van Amstel, Choreographer
  So You Think You Can DanceRamalama (Bang Bang)Fox19 TV Ltd and Dick Clark Productions, Inc.             Wade Robson, Choreographer
  So You Think You Can DanceCalling YouFox19 TV Ltd and Dick Clark Productions, Inc.             Mia Michaels, Choreographer

 But tonight, oh no no no I was not happy with Mr Robson.  Oh no no no. Nor Mary Murphy, nor Nigel Lythgoe. I am heart broken.  Here were tonight’s Bottom Three.  

Anja and Danny

      Nigel said, “It was the best Foxtrot he’s ever seen on this stage.    

      Anya did a solo ballroom performance that left me with the blahs again.    

      Danny is magic 

Jaimie and Hok

      Wade said, “He didn’t feel they were connected to the story.”  All three judges raved about Jaimie.  But when they were named to the bottom three it was apparent the audience disagreed.  Loudly.    

     Jaimie’s solo – perfection in motion    

     Hok’s just amazing 

Lauren and Neil 

      I loved their quirky piece by the Emmy nominated Mia Michaels.  But neither Mary nor Nigel understood it. 

     Wade felt them being in the bottom three was, “Just Wrong.”    

      Lacey’s solo was musical attitude     

      Neil’s athletic (he doesn’t have Danny’s stretch or grace, but carries his own style.) 

In the end the vote for the departing female dancer was split.    

While they thought Jaimie’s solo was okay, it hadn’t been as good as in the past. She was safe.    They don’t feel Lauren has reached her potential, but she did achieve in her solo what they had hoped for.  

Anja is going home. While she is great partnering she has problems are with her solos. 

For the guys the decision was unanimous, and I have to question a portion of their discussion or reasoning.  They pointed out that B-boys had a good representation with Sarah and Dominic (paraphrasing here) who are showing growth and versatility.

No comments were given to Neil and Danny.  Hok is gone, I am heartsore.   The audience was very much in opposition of Hok’s termination on the show and voiced their discontent, once again…loudly. Hok, the great character that he is, did two incredible things. First he agreed that it was only just the beginning for him, and then (the second part) he danced his way to the end of the credits. The man is incredible. 

So America you Top Ten finalist are… 

Kameron Bink

Sara Von Gillern

Jamie Goodwin

Lauren Gottlieb

Neil Haskell

Sabra Johnson

Pasha Kovalev

Dominic Sandoval

Lacey Schwimmer

Danny Tidwell            

Next week it is change partners, and the competition heats up.



4 Responses to “SYTYCD Top Ten”

  1. Natalie said

    ACKACKACK!! No more Hok? The Roberts household is sad!!!! Thanks to Cele for guestblogging. I think I’m going to make her a permanent fixture here at DOTE. The Internet is actually working here at Dance Utah tonight, so I wanted to say a very public THANKS to Cele!!! Ack. Hok.

  2. RiiSSA said

    HE WAS MY HERO!!!!

    by saying i will never watch again i mean i am so mad i could cry
    its depressin
    i said last year as soon as allison holker left…….i would never watch again
    but i will watch but i will pout every single show. 😥


  3. Cele said

    Ducky is in a funk, he feels the choreographers didn’t help Hok out at all, it’s all there fault. So he’s pouting. I’ll let you know how he takes it next week…or if I’m banished to another TV.

  4. Cele said

    You are Fabulous Riissa, so with the Hok gone, who do you think can go all the way? Come on girl, I know you can do it.

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