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Change Partners – SYTYCD – 25 July 07

Posted by jennytpartridge on July 26, 2007

Guest Blogger

Guest Judge Mia Michaels. This woman rocks, she has it all, beauty, passion, talent, compassion, and a good eye. 

Can we say the Best and the Worst that Choreography has to bring.  That is what we ended up with last night. The best personified in a fabulous Shane Sparks Hip Hop routine, and the worst in a Spicy Non-Viennese Waltz by a choreographer, whose name – thank heavens – escapes me.


 At first the brilliance that is Wade Robson escaped me. Wade was commissioned to create one solo routine to be performed by each of the top ten.  The theme war and peace was personified by the word each dancer chose to etch on their own Peace T-shirt. 

Unity ♦ Peace ♦ Love ♦ Compassion ♦

Patience ♦ Community ♦ Humanity ♦ Humility ♦Communication ♦ Harmony

And the dancer’s interpretation of the Robson work. It totally escaped me. Until well you’ll see. This week each dancer is voted on individually, with one male and one female dancer saying good-bye. 

The Solos 

Jaimie all I got from her was a peace sign at the end. She has beautiful lines, but her dance seemed disjoined to me and passionless. 

Dominic was better than Jaimie and showed some technique I hadn’t expected 

Sara was the best interpretation to this point and I began to see what Robson had designed 

Pasha, oh horror.  No passion, no extension, no nothing.  Pasha is stiff. This dance truly showed where he lacks. I give him points from trying but demerits for not understanding. 

Lauren wow, I loved her interpretation, her musicality of the performance, she molded the piece in to a performance. 

Neil is just too athletic, but he showed emotion in his interpretation and presentation 

Sabra is stunning 

Kameron was just okay, but he didn’t grab me 

Lacey brings a whole new attitude to John Mayer’s Waiting For The World To Change 

Danny, I love his lines, his fluidity. But I felt that while I liked half of the performance he lost the other half in his interpretation 

The very best routine and performance opened the show when the newly partnered Lauren and Pasha pulled hip hop for the week and were blessed with a Shane Sparks master piece. A fabulous, awesome routine. I kept watching Lauren, who was just amazing, but Pasha held his own, matching Lauren step for step, movement for movement. 

Sabra and Kameron drew contemporary this week.  I did like most of the dance, the timing was off in a few places. Sabra is amazing. 

Danny and Lacey performed a hot, sizzling, spices, passionate, sexy, and did I mention hot? Samba. Did you notice their feet work? One word. TIGHT. Wow. The piece was choreographed by Dimetri from last season, he understands Samba. 

Jaimie and Dominic sadly were given the worst routine of the night, maybe the month. They pulled the Viennese Waltz.  There was nothing, nothing, nothing Viennese about this dance. It was no waltz. This duo was sadly, badly let down by their choreographer. 

Sara and Neil wrapped up the partnering routines. Fun. They were having so much fun. You could see it in every movement. On the faces of the Judges – On the faces of both, Sara and Neil.  And oh mi gosh it was Disco. I was smiling too.  Okay so maybe all Disco doesn’t suck.  

So the best performances of the night were  

♦ Lauren and Pasha’s Hip Hop routine

♦ Sara and Neil’s Disco  

Best Solos 

♦ Lauren

♦ Lacey

♦ Sara 

Going home this week? Wow I’m not sure I can say, but of course I will try. 

Female – Jaimie

Male – it’s a toss up – Neil, Dominic, or Pasha. 

The women most certainly shined over the men. And Mia Michaels…I heart you. 



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