Dancing off the Edge

with Jenny T. Partridge

So You Think You Can Dance–July 26

Posted by jennytpartridge on July 27, 2007

by the way im not using correct grammar due to the lack of my interest. u can read it in i.m., i hope…lol

tonight the bottom 2 girls were jaimie and lauren. i wasnt shocked that jaimie was in the bottom, due to the fact that , in my opinion, is lacking. she is good, dont get me wrong, but she doesnt dance and make me saw “OMG WOW!!!”. i was shocked that lauren was in the bottom because she is the kind of dancer that makes a dancers-big-sister that doesnt dance, say “say wow, she makes me want to dance”. the bottom 2 guys were dominic and kameron. i personally like them both, but hok was my hero… no one will ever be as good as him. dom, being a b-boyer, doesnt really have formal training, so the thing keeping him in the competition is that he can dance, he gives it his all and that captures americas votes. kameron is also awesome, he does lack in technique, but what he doesnt lack in, b-boying and contemporary, can only take him so far.

the 2 to go home were kameron and jaimie. both amazing dancers, but they arent americas fave. technically speaking, they’re financially sound for quite some time, because of the tour & publicity due to the show. they will be busy with all sorts of oppurtunities. i dont worry that they’ll be fine.

well now that you’ve heard my point of view, its time for me to sign-out.

anyways, positive comments appreciated!! later dudes!



One Response to “So You Think You Can Dance–July 26”

  1. Cele said

    I knew it in my heart that Jaimie was going. But I really expected it to be Pasha tonight. I think his time is numbered.

    And you’re right Riissa, Lauren makes me wish I would dance.

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