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And Now We Know Which Stars will be Dancing

Posted by ctanglefoot on August 29, 2007

Despite Internet leaks earlier this week ABC executives were able to keep part of the field a secret for the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars. Competing later this month for the tacky disco ball will be

Melanie Brown of the Spice Girls, seeing as how they are currently in the studio and gearing up for a world tour I have to ask how the new mom is going to fit Dancing With The Stars into her schedule?  Maybe she plans an early out. Scary.

Sabrina Bryan of Disney Channel’s Cheetah Girls. She, like scary spice is accustom to being choreographed, now the question is can they partner?

Racing hunk Helio Castroneves of formula one and Indy car racing.

Billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks

Jennie Garth formerly known as Kelly on Foxes’ Beverly Hills, 90210. When rumor linked both Garth and former show mate Tori Spelling I had my doubts, I figured one, but not both in the same season. Let’s look for Tori in season six.

Josie Maran, I know nothing about this contestant other than she’s a model.

Cameron Mathison, another hunk, this time from ABC’s daytime soap, All My Children.

Floyd Mayweather Jr., welterweight boxing champ

Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne

Newton Marie Osmond, singer and doll designer. I have always loved Marie Osmond, and the one thing I know is this show will have a lot of laughter with her on board.

Albert Reed, male model, like Maran and Bryant I know nothing about this contestant.

Jane Seymour (psst: she has the same birthday as I do, but I don’t have the cool British accent.) Actress probably best known for her role as Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. But I loved her best in the cult classic Somewhere In Time.

Season Five of Dancing With The Stars will pair these 12 celebrities with 12 professional ballroom dancers who will compete when the show returns September 24th on ABC.


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Dancing With The Stars Cast List Leaked

Posted by ctanglefoot on August 29, 2007

Executive heads must be spinning at ABC with the purported leak of the contestant list for the fifth season of Dancing With The Stars.  Online entertainment / rampant rumor gossip blog TMZ split the milk Monday.  Even Sports Illustrated Online has published a partial list of the cast members. They include

Marie Osmond  (entertainer and doll designer)

Aaron Carter (singer)

Wayne Newton (Mr. Las Vegas and he’s knocking)

Mark Cuban (owner of the NBA Marvericks)

Jane Seymour (actress)

Spice Girl Mel B (I can’t believe this one)

Tori Spelling (hmmm)

Jennie Garth (double hmmm)

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (boxer)

Lou Ferrigno (former bodybuilder / actor)

Nia Peeples (actress and if she is, I place my money on her to win)

Richard Quest (CNN report)

Gisele Bundchen (super model)

Helio Castroneves (Formula One driver)

Sabrina Bryan (Cheetah Girl)

Not all of the names leaked  are to be competitors and some are back ups incase of injury or contractural conflicts. We’ll find out soon enough, the official announcements are to be made on Good Morning America in less than ten hours.

Dancing With The Stars, season five, premieres on ABC Monday, September 24th.  And watch this space for the official cast list of 12 contestants, Wednesday. Er all most today.


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When the feets gots to dance, the feets got to dance

Posted by jennytpartridge on August 20, 2007

These videos show that, truly, when you HAVE TO DANCE, you just HAVE TO DANCE.

 Nuff said.

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Sabra Wins SYTYCD!!

Posted by jennytpartridge on August 17, 2007

Go Sabra, you Utah girl, you!! Sabra Johnson, who lived in Roy, Utah, for four years, and who danced at Dance Impressions, WON SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!! The celebrating is STILL going on at the Roberts household!

 Quite amazingly, Sabra was 16 when she took up dance. AMAZING.

 Go Sabra!  I also was rooting for Neil and Danny, though. 😦 I wanted THREE winners…..

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Posted by ctanglefoot on August 16, 2007



We are almost at the end, I can see it on the brink of the horizon. Okay I can see it in the TV Guide listings, the final episode of So You Think You Can Dance is tomorrow night. I’m laying solid odds on Sabra and Danny, leaning heavily towards Sabra.


What a night, beginning with a Tice DiOrio Broadway number that was delightful.  The tandem Russian Splits and jumping leaps by Danny and Neil were unbelievable. It was an amazing way to start of the next to the last night.  The idiosyncrasies of each character were delightful. This was not to always be the case, I felt that more than once, the choreography did not rise to meet the occasion, and once or twice neither did the dancer(s).


The competition came down to each of the top four performing a dance with each of the other three finalist and a solo in their own style. By the end of the evening each dancer had performed five times in a two hour span. I’m sweating just thinking about it.  First up


Sabra and Neil performing a Shane Sparks Hip Hop routine. Here is case one where the choreography and dancers left me feeling let down. I just didn’t buy this performance, the dancers didn’t wear it, and therefore weren’t selling it.


Lacey and Danny danced a Jean Marc Geneaux Vienese Waltz.  I didn’t find it dream, but nice. Ducky – oh yes Ducky watched despite Monday night’s declarations to the opposite – thought it was plenty dreamy.


Sabra and Lacey performed a Wade Robson contemporary routine.  Now I am glad that they told the story about the foxes prior to the performance, because without it I would have been totally in the dark.  I could see the story unfold, I loved the movement, the musicality, and the performance. 


Danny and Neil picked up sword for a Mia Michaels contemporary piece.  Neil should be in dance theathre, his facial expressions, his body mannerisms are all that of a great showman, he delivers the complete package to the stage.  Danny, wow, what ability. To me the performance was a dance pissing match.


Lacey and Neil then preformed a Nick Williams Lindy Hop. Thank Gawd it wasn’t me. Great footwork, the lifts were scary, the energy fabulous.  There were a few miss steps, but what the heck, it was highly entertaining.


To round out the partnered routines of the evening, Danny and Sabra performed a Melanie LaPatine Cha Cha. I have no idea what a Cha Cha truly is. This wasn’t what I expected, but what showed up was a highlyl enjoyable performance from two dancers that share a chemistry that is undeniable, talent that shouts out louder than a Mary Murphy Tamalè Train scream, and was a joy to watch.


I’ll be short and sweet on the solos.


Lacey sucked, and what in the world was she wearing?


Neil an amazing solo. What is that awesome jump spin pivot kick that he does? Incredible. And now Danny does it too.  Makes my heart swoon.


♥ Danny gave an amazing solo.  I have to agree with the judges I never tire watching him dance, and his running grand jetes are to die for.


♥ Sabra gave it all she had and left it on the dance floor – she always does. She has exuberance, joy, and amazing talent.


Tomorrow night we will know who America’s favorite dancer for 2007, my money is on Sabra, but I’m not ruling out Danny either.






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SYTYCD Evangelizing Dance

Posted by jennytpartridge on August 14, 2007

Tonight’s show was just, well, fantastic, sad, full of promise,and frustrating.

I was angry that Lauren went home over Lacey, because quite frankly, she shined SO MUCH brighter than Lacey. I like the other L (Lacey) but Lauren has more skill and talent, and she didn’t deserve to go home. I agreed with the results for the guys.

Debbie Allen noticed something I felt about Pasha. That man has charm and style and grace, like no one since Fred Astaire. I would love to see him  in movies, because I think he has the presence to pull it off.

The show opened with another Wade Robson INCREDIBLE piece, and I could have watched it over and over again.

It’s hard to see all the faves go now, but it’s at that point in the show. It has to happen.

I so agree with Debbie Allen that this show is EVANGELIZING dance! I love it! On to the finals. Thanks for all you said, Tanglefoot! 

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I’ll just take the tea, you can keep the Krumping

Posted by ctanglefoot on August 14, 2007

I am so incredibly bummed.


Bummed I say, Lauren is gone. America what have you done? 


Yes, at the end of this evening’s results show Lauren and Pasha were shown their closing edits of the competition.  Ho hum, so bummed. The good news is Sabra and Danny weren’t shown their closing credits and they are who I’m placing my


And I have to ask myself how did Lacey make it over Lauren? Lacey takes direction well, but her choreography is one-dimensional. On the other hand Lauren takes direction well and has technique that makes her multi dimensional. Lacey I don’t mean to be little Lacey she is definitely talented and teachable in other disciplines, she’s just not Lauren. 


I’ve been expecting Pasha to go for weeks.  No, news there. I have long said Neil is athletic in his dance, but he is better than Pasha.


I’m rooting for Sabra to win


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And Then There Were Six – SYTYCD 8 August 2007

Posted by ctanglefoot on August 9, 2007

Tonight had an eclectic feel to it. You would think every Wednesday night would, but not necessarily so, for me at least.  We are down to six dancers going into tomorrow night’s elimination. Each pair danced two routines, and each dancer performed a solo from their own discipline.


This week’s guest judge, Debbie Allen. Enough said.


First to kick off the night was Pasha’s selection of Lacey as this week’s partner. Interesting. Two ballroom dancers of different styles step out of their element and totally sold it, beginning with a Dave Scott Hip Hop routine. Delightful and entertaining, the choreography showed of Pasha’s adaptability and Lacey’s control. The glasses and geek routine was perfect for Pasha.


Their second dance of the night for Pasha and Lacey was a smooth waltz.  I liked the flow and ebb of this dance; it had a cool, classical feel to it, as though dancing on clouds.  But the lifts were another story for me.  The first lift was very nice, the second well executed and blended into the movement of the dance with out interrupting the movement, but the third to me destroyed the flow of the dance.


Danny drew Lauren’s name out of the hat.  The pair began the evening with a Mia Michael’s Contemporary delight. While the dancers kept talking in the pre dance conversation about aliens, their presentation was anything but alien.  It was full of incredible energy, fabulous weaves and tangles, ebbs and flows, angles, lines, and joy. The joy of dance.


A disco number by Doriana Sanchez capped Lauren and Danny’s night.  It wasn’t hot on the choreography, it was danced beautifully.  But in between the beautiful dance segments were stops and stunts, stops and tricks. It just didn’t work for me. What did work was their energy and the happiness on their faces.


Sabra and Neil drew a Mandy Moore Jazz routine to start off their night.  I’m of mixed emotions about this number. The premise was boardroom negotiations.  The musicality was great with dynamic give and take. Neil’s athletics were featured perfectly, Sabra’s technique divine. The movement of the dance reminded me of a number from Flashdance. Go figure.


A Pasa Dobles rounded out the night for Sabra and Neil. They looked smashing, Neil very much the matador – but I didn’t really like the dance. It fit Neil well, he moved into the character well, but there was no passion between them, no chemistry, it was not a fiery dance, it was cold. While the lift at the ending began a bit jerky it ended spectacularly.


My favorite dances of the night…

♥ Pasha and Lacey’s Hip Hop

♥ Danny and Lauren’s Contemporary


The Solos. Different from weeks past where the dancers performed the same solo, tonight they danced a solo in their own style.


♥ Sabra beautiful extensions and fluidity, she uses all levels of her area.


Pasha – ballroom dancers just don’t tend to do good solos, and I finally figured out what is bothering me.  Given a choreographed routine, Pasha will rise to the occasion and give you his all. But he can’t choreograph a routine, so his solos fall flat for me. Ballroom dancers naturally partner. It is a weak point.


♥ Lauren – I loved the energy of her solo, she dances with character and emotion using all her space and levels.


Neil – has great energy and his jumps are great.  The difference between Neil and Pasha is that Neil’s discipline is perfect for solo and he can feel his music to choreograph his own dance.


Lacey   here is a bit of a departure from what I said about dancers of ballroom disciplines.  Lacey can dance solo, she is sexy and flirtatious, but it is danced on one level and try as she might it uses up much less dance floor than some of the other dancers.


Danny – light, fluid grace. Tonight’s piece was less than what he has shown in the past but still hands and heads better than the other two male dancers left in the competition.


Ducky is thinking it will be Lacey and Pasha leaving this week. I’m thinking he could be right.  Lacey and Pasha are both at a disadvantage in comparison to the other dancers. Ballroom dancing is not a solo art, you don’t incorporate elements of ballroom disciplines into a contemporary, jazz, lyrical, or hip hop routine. Hip hop suffers some of the same problems (note there are no more breakers in the competition.) This makes it much harder to see the growth of people like Lacey, Sara, Dominic, or Pasha unless they step out of their comfort zone and show what they have been learning over the past several months.  None have done that. 

So I am with Ducky in thinking that it is Lacey and Pasha who will not be making the finales next week. Of course I’ve been wrong before, but I think anything less (for the girls) will be a travesty, Neil on the other hand is no Danny, but I am not sure if he’s better than Pasha.  Tomorrow night will tell.




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Dance is so full of Joy

Posted by jennytpartridge on August 3, 2007

“Dance is so full of Joy.” Adam Shankman  

The elite eight were whittled down to the Secure Six, and hmmm, Pasha is still with us. I’m kind of surprised, but not. But let me digress.  This week’s bottom twos are expected, heartbreaking, and necessary.  Each week is difficult at this point. What is amazing to me about these kids, is their attitudes. Do the cry? Nope, they smile and look forward to the future. Or like Dominic, take the opportunity to manhandle Cat Deeley.


So this week’s bottom twos were made up of…




Lauren (this choice made my heart jump in my throat)




Dominic (his comedic grins are beginning to wear on me)


Going to the beach this week (you had to be there) Sara and Dominic. I’m not surprised, but both of these kids are what this competition is all about.  Each that remains is to some level worthy to be where they are. So I am going to go out on a limb here, I hope Jenny forgives me, or picks up the ball and knowing her trips the light fantastic with it, and prognosticate my final placements.


1) Sabra or Danny

2) Danny

3) Lauren

4) Neil

5) Lacey

6) Pasha (I’m not sure how Pasha has made it this far, but when given lemons make lemonade.)


You note I couldn’t pick between Danny or Sabra – but I really could. I could watch Danny dance forever, but I think he is limited.  Sabra on the other hand is so versatile and with only four years of dancing in her shoes. The possibilities boggle the mind.


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Posted by jennytpartridge on August 2, 2007

Musical Partners – SYTYCD 1 August 2007


Guest Judge Adam Shankman is delightful, enthusiastic, insightful and not afraid to talk. He cracked me up tonight.  I think if he could have spirited Sabra off to some soundstage and choreographed for her he would have. 


We are to dual routines for the rotating partners. The choreographers and dancers both are being put through their paces and it shows.  First up


Danny and Sara Tangoed.  I could watch Danny dance forever. He’s so fluid, where Sara isn’t fluid she goes above and beyond to deliver, but together…these two don’t have any chemistry.  There was some strange footwork, interesting lifts, and good choreography, but no passion.


Shane Sparks choreographed their second routine, a hip hop number that left me wanting.  As a dancing duo they were a bit off, Sarah brought great attitude, but Danny (and he tried hard) couldn’t fit the bill. I do not like rap, but I adore Shane Sparks, but not this number.


Dominic pulled Lauren’s name out of the hat, which is good because I thought with him having lost a partner last week, and Sabra having lost her partner, Dominic would be banging her head on the floor. But he didn’t drop Lauren once.  Their first routine was a Krump by Little C. I’m just not sold on Krumping nor am I seeing a commercial purpose for this style of dance. The lifts were interesting.


The Rumba on the other hand was smoldering and sexy. Far too slow a number, it didn’t seem like a Rumba, but the chemistry between them shone through and it was entertaining. Lauren was a little bit tipsy at one point, and I like that Dominic truly listens to his crits.


Lacey and Neil danced a Latin Jazz number. Nice but not connected, too many moments of separation in both emotion and passion. No chemistry.


But boy did they make up for it.  Mia Michaels totally rocks and made me cry with her contemporary piece about reunions.  Lacey and Neil were splendid. The dance was light, carefree, forgiving. I loved the emotion, the freedom, the swing. Absolutely delightful.


Sabra and Pasha. I’m just not sold on Pasha. Sabra on the other hand is what every female dancer should aspire to, a fast learning curve on perfection.  Their Tice DeOrio Broadway number was high energy, quirky, fun. My eyes were on Sabra must of the time, but when I did remember to watch Pasha he was holding his own. My only remark to the contrary would be that the number ran out of steam towards the end. Very entertaining.


The final dance of the night was Sabra and Pasha’s Quick Step. Fun, energetic, and full. But once or twice it seemed like Pasha was dragging Sabra. Their footwork for the most part was tight, the facial expressions fabulous. They looked like they were having a blast, and I enjoyed watching them have fun.


So who is going home? Hmmmm either Dom or Pasha. And for the girls, Sara? I have no clue. Whichever girl leaves it will be sad they are all so good.





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