Dancing off the Edge

with Jenny T. Partridge

Posted by jennytpartridge on August 2, 2007

Musical Partners – SYTYCD 1 August 2007


Guest Judge Adam Shankman is delightful, enthusiastic, insightful and not afraid to talk. He cracked me up tonight.  I think if he could have spirited Sabra off to some soundstage and choreographed for her he would have. 


We are to dual routines for the rotating partners. The choreographers and dancers both are being put through their paces and it shows.  First up


Danny and Sara Tangoed.  I could watch Danny dance forever. He’s so fluid, where Sara isn’t fluid she goes above and beyond to deliver, but together…these two don’t have any chemistry.  There was some strange footwork, interesting lifts, and good choreography, but no passion.


Shane Sparks choreographed their second routine, a hip hop number that left me wanting.  As a dancing duo they were a bit off, Sarah brought great attitude, but Danny (and he tried hard) couldn’t fit the bill. I do not like rap, but I adore Shane Sparks, but not this number.


Dominic pulled Lauren’s name out of the hat, which is good because I thought with him having lost a partner last week, and Sabra having lost her partner, Dominic would be banging her head on the floor. But he didn’t drop Lauren once.  Their first routine was a Krump by Little C. I’m just not sold on Krumping nor am I seeing a commercial purpose for this style of dance. The lifts were interesting.


The Rumba on the other hand was smoldering and sexy. Far too slow a number, it didn’t seem like a Rumba, but the chemistry between them shone through and it was entertaining. Lauren was a little bit tipsy at one point, and I like that Dominic truly listens to his crits.


Lacey and Neil danced a Latin Jazz number. Nice but not connected, too many moments of separation in both emotion and passion. No chemistry.


But boy did they make up for it.  Mia Michaels totally rocks and made me cry with her contemporary piece about reunions.  Lacey and Neil were splendid. The dance was light, carefree, forgiving. I loved the emotion, the freedom, the swing. Absolutely delightful.


Sabra and Pasha. I’m just not sold on Pasha. Sabra on the other hand is what every female dancer should aspire to, a fast learning curve on perfection.  Their Tice DeOrio Broadway number was high energy, quirky, fun. My eyes were on Sabra must of the time, but when I did remember to watch Pasha he was holding his own. My only remark to the contrary would be that the number ran out of steam towards the end. Very entertaining.


The final dance of the night was Sabra and Pasha’s Quick Step. Fun, energetic, and full. But once or twice it seemed like Pasha was dragging Sabra. Their footwork for the most part was tight, the facial expressions fabulous. They looked like they were having a blast, and I enjoyed watching them have fun.


So who is going home? Hmmmm either Dom or Pasha. And for the girls, Sara? I have no clue. Whichever girl leaves it will be sad they are all so good.






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