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SYTYCD–August 1 Show

Posted by jennytpartridge on August 2, 2007

Well, what a show. The finalists are ALL the bomb, the best, and I can’t rave enough about the routines. Eight finalists, four girls, four guys–all good.

I LOVED Sabra tonight. Yes, she is speaking to me. I know, I know, she’s a Utah girl, but STILL she is just the absolutely BOMB. Both routines rocked. Sabra was with Pasha, and she made him look good in both. Truth be told, Pasha is charming, but probably not the technically best dancer. But with Sabra? It doesn’t matter. Dancing for four years–can you believe it?–Sabra is AMAZING.

Other standouts: The Mia Michaels routine, with Lacey and Neil, brought me to tears. Without a doubt, the most beautiful routine of the night. I could barely watch the technique, because the choreography was incredible. Kudos to Mia Michaels. I am not a Lacey fan. Riissa is, probably because she likes her quirky style, but I think she was a shoo-in because Brother Benji won last year. But wow… Just wow.

Sara and Danny were okay in their Shane Sparks routine. I like Shane, but didn’t love the routine. LOVE Sara, and LOVE Danny. Didn’t love the hip hop. The Argentine tango was better, but…. the two don’t have chemistry. But DANNY is my fave male, so I guess it just depends on what they are given. (FYI, the two children do NOT love Danny. I DO.)

Dominic and Lauren did good, but Dom’s charm is waxing pale, now that we are in the finals. He’s cute as can be, but the skill is not there. Considering that it’s the top of the top, that’s a compliment. Dom, love you, but MORE ballet classes please. Lauren, you are great. Quirky, fun. Probably the best female, technically. Will be interesting to see what happens.

So, there’s your recap. I think Dominic will go home, but I could be wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time.

Mia Michaels?? Kudos and kisses. You are the bomb.


One Response to “SYTYCD–August 1 Show”

  1. Cele said

    Mia Michaels totally rocks. I was in tears. Beautiful, poetic, carefree, while totally emotional.

    I’m not sure who is going home, Dominic or Pasha. Sara? Lacey? I’m not sure.

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