Dancing off the Edge

with Jenny T. Partridge

Dance is so full of Joy

Posted by jennytpartridge on August 3, 2007

“Dance is so full of Joy.” Adam Shankman  

The elite eight were whittled down to the Secure Six, and hmmm, Pasha is still with us. I’m kind of surprised, but not. But let me digress.  This week’s bottom twos are expected, heartbreaking, and necessary.  Each week is difficult at this point. What is amazing to me about these kids, is their attitudes. Do the cry? Nope, they smile and look forward to the future. Or like Dominic, take the opportunity to manhandle Cat Deeley.


So this week’s bottom twos were made up of…




Lauren (this choice made my heart jump in my throat)




Dominic (his comedic grins are beginning to wear on me)


Going to the beach this week (you had to be there) Sara and Dominic. I’m not surprised, but both of these kids are what this competition is all about.  Each that remains is to some level worthy to be where they are. So I am going to go out on a limb here, I hope Jenny forgives me, or picks up the ball and knowing her trips the light fantastic with it, and prognosticate my final placements.


1) Sabra or Danny

2) Danny

3) Lauren

4) Neil

5) Lacey

6) Pasha (I’m not sure how Pasha has made it this far, but when given lemons make lemonade.)


You note I couldn’t pick between Danny or Sabra – but I really could. I could watch Danny dance forever, but I think he is limited.  Sabra on the other hand is so versatile and with only four years of dancing in her shoes. The possibilities boggle the mind.



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