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And Then There Were Six – SYTYCD 8 August 2007

Posted by ctanglefoot on August 9, 2007

Tonight had an eclectic feel to it. You would think every Wednesday night would, but not necessarily so, for me at least.  We are down to six dancers going into tomorrow night’s elimination. Each pair danced two routines, and each dancer performed a solo from their own discipline.


This week’s guest judge, Debbie Allen. Enough said.


First to kick off the night was Pasha’s selection of Lacey as this week’s partner. Interesting. Two ballroom dancers of different styles step out of their element and totally sold it, beginning with a Dave Scott Hip Hop routine. Delightful and entertaining, the choreography showed of Pasha’s adaptability and Lacey’s control. The glasses and geek routine was perfect for Pasha.


Their second dance of the night for Pasha and Lacey was a smooth waltz.  I liked the flow and ebb of this dance; it had a cool, classical feel to it, as though dancing on clouds.  But the lifts were another story for me.  The first lift was very nice, the second well executed and blended into the movement of the dance with out interrupting the movement, but the third to me destroyed the flow of the dance.


Danny drew Lauren’s name out of the hat.  The pair began the evening with a Mia Michael’s Contemporary delight. While the dancers kept talking in the pre dance conversation about aliens, their presentation was anything but alien.  It was full of incredible energy, fabulous weaves and tangles, ebbs and flows, angles, lines, and joy. The joy of dance.


A disco number by Doriana Sanchez capped Lauren and Danny’s night.  It wasn’t hot on the choreography, it was danced beautifully.  But in between the beautiful dance segments were stops and stunts, stops and tricks. It just didn’t work for me. What did work was their energy and the happiness on their faces.


Sabra and Neil drew a Mandy Moore Jazz routine to start off their night.  I’m of mixed emotions about this number. The premise was boardroom negotiations.  The musicality was great with dynamic give and take. Neil’s athletics were featured perfectly, Sabra’s technique divine. The movement of the dance reminded me of a number from Flashdance. Go figure.


A Pasa Dobles rounded out the night for Sabra and Neil. They looked smashing, Neil very much the matador – but I didn’t really like the dance. It fit Neil well, he moved into the character well, but there was no passion between them, no chemistry, it was not a fiery dance, it was cold. While the lift at the ending began a bit jerky it ended spectacularly.


My favorite dances of the night…

♥ Pasha and Lacey’s Hip Hop

♥ Danny and Lauren’s Contemporary


The Solos. Different from weeks past where the dancers performed the same solo, tonight they danced a solo in their own style.


♥ Sabra beautiful extensions and fluidity, she uses all levels of her area.


Pasha – ballroom dancers just don’t tend to do good solos, and I finally figured out what is bothering me.  Given a choreographed routine, Pasha will rise to the occasion and give you his all. But he can’t choreograph a routine, so his solos fall flat for me. Ballroom dancers naturally partner. It is a weak point.


♥ Lauren – I loved the energy of her solo, she dances with character and emotion using all her space and levels.


Neil – has great energy and his jumps are great.  The difference between Neil and Pasha is that Neil’s discipline is perfect for solo and he can feel his music to choreograph his own dance.


Lacey   here is a bit of a departure from what I said about dancers of ballroom disciplines.  Lacey can dance solo, she is sexy and flirtatious, but it is danced on one level and try as she might it uses up much less dance floor than some of the other dancers.


Danny – light, fluid grace. Tonight’s piece was less than what he has shown in the past but still hands and heads better than the other two male dancers left in the competition.


Ducky is thinking it will be Lacey and Pasha leaving this week. I’m thinking he could be right.  Lacey and Pasha are both at a disadvantage in comparison to the other dancers. Ballroom dancing is not a solo art, you don’t incorporate elements of ballroom disciplines into a contemporary, jazz, lyrical, or hip hop routine. Hip hop suffers some of the same problems (note there are no more breakers in the competition.) This makes it much harder to see the growth of people like Lacey, Sara, Dominic, or Pasha unless they step out of their comfort zone and show what they have been learning over the past several months.  None have done that. 

So I am with Ducky in thinking that it is Lacey and Pasha who will not be making the finales next week. Of course I’ve been wrong before, but I think anything less (for the girls) will be a travesty, Neil on the other hand is no Danny, but I am not sure if he’s better than Pasha.  Tomorrow night will tell.





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