Dancing off the Edge

with Jenny T. Partridge

I’ll just take the tea, you can keep the Krumping

Posted by ctanglefoot on August 14, 2007

I am so incredibly bummed.


Bummed I say, Lauren is gone. America what have you done? 


Yes, at the end of this evening’s results show Lauren and Pasha were shown their closing edits of the competition.  Ho hum, so bummed. The good news is Sabra and Danny weren’t shown their closing credits and they are who I’m placing my


And I have to ask myself how did Lacey make it over Lauren? Lacey takes direction well, but her choreography is one-dimensional. On the other hand Lauren takes direction well and has technique that makes her multi dimensional. Lacey I don’t mean to be little Lacey she is definitely talented and teachable in other disciplines, she’s just not Lauren. 


I’ve been expecting Pasha to go for weeks.  No, news there. I have long said Neil is athletic in his dance, but he is better than Pasha.


I’m rooting for Sabra to win



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