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with Jenny T. Partridge

SYTYCD Evangelizing Dance

Posted by jennytpartridge on August 14, 2007

Tonight’s show was just, well, fantastic, sad, full of promise,and frustrating.

I was angry that Lauren went home over Lacey, because quite frankly, she shined SO MUCH brighter than Lacey. I like the other L (Lacey) but Lauren has more skill and talent, and she didn’t deserve to go home. I agreed with the results for the guys.

Debbie Allen noticed something I felt about Pasha. That man has charm and style and grace, like no one since Fred Astaire. I would love to see him  in movies, because I think he has the presence to pull it off.

The show opened with another Wade Robson INCREDIBLE piece, and I could have watched it over and over again.

It’s hard to see all the faves go now, but it’s at that point in the show. It has to happen.

I so agree with Debbie Allen that this show is EVANGELIZING dance! I love it! On to the finals. Thanks for all you said, Tanglefoot! 


One Response to “SYTYCD Evangelizing Dance”

  1. Cele said

    You are so right on about Lauren, darn, I’m bummed. Ducky said that’s it he isn’t watching anymore. But he will.

    I agree with Pasha, he’s got that Silver Screen ambiance about him.

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