Dancing off the Edge

with Jenny T. Partridge


Posted by ctanglefoot on August 16, 2007



We are almost at the end, I can see it on the brink of the horizon. Okay I can see it in the TV Guide listings, the final episode of So You Think You Can Dance is tomorrow night. I’m laying solid odds on Sabra and Danny, leaning heavily towards Sabra.


What a night, beginning with a Tice DiOrio Broadway number that was delightful.  The tandem Russian Splits and jumping leaps by Danny and Neil were unbelievable. It was an amazing way to start of the next to the last night.  The idiosyncrasies of each character were delightful. This was not to always be the case, I felt that more than once, the choreography did not rise to meet the occasion, and once or twice neither did the dancer(s).


The competition came down to each of the top four performing a dance with each of the other three finalist and a solo in their own style. By the end of the evening each dancer had performed five times in a two hour span. I’m sweating just thinking about it.  First up


Sabra and Neil performing a Shane Sparks Hip Hop routine. Here is case one where the choreography and dancers left me feeling let down. I just didn’t buy this performance, the dancers didn’t wear it, and therefore weren’t selling it.


Lacey and Danny danced a Jean Marc Geneaux Vienese Waltz.  I didn’t find it dream, but nice. Ducky – oh yes Ducky watched despite Monday night’s declarations to the opposite – thought it was plenty dreamy.


Sabra and Lacey performed a Wade Robson contemporary routine.  Now I am glad that they told the story about the foxes prior to the performance, because without it I would have been totally in the dark.  I could see the story unfold, I loved the movement, the musicality, and the performance. 


Danny and Neil picked up sword for a Mia Michaels contemporary piece.  Neil should be in dance theathre, his facial expressions, his body mannerisms are all that of a great showman, he delivers the complete package to the stage.  Danny, wow, what ability. To me the performance was a dance pissing match.


Lacey and Neil then preformed a Nick Williams Lindy Hop. Thank Gawd it wasn’t me. Great footwork, the lifts were scary, the energy fabulous.  There were a few miss steps, but what the heck, it was highly entertaining.


To round out the partnered routines of the evening, Danny and Sabra performed a Melanie LaPatine Cha Cha. I have no idea what a Cha Cha truly is. This wasn’t what I expected, but what showed up was a highlyl enjoyable performance from two dancers that share a chemistry that is undeniable, talent that shouts out louder than a Mary Murphy Tamalè Train scream, and was a joy to watch.


I’ll be short and sweet on the solos.


Lacey sucked, and what in the world was she wearing?


Neil an amazing solo. What is that awesome jump spin pivot kick that he does? Incredible. And now Danny does it too.  Makes my heart swoon.


♥ Danny gave an amazing solo.  I have to agree with the judges I never tire watching him dance, and his running grand jetes are to die for.


♥ Sabra gave it all she had and left it on the dance floor – she always does. She has exuberance, joy, and amazing talent.


Tomorrow night we will know who America’s favorite dancer for 2007, my money is on Sabra, but I’m not ruling out Danny either.







2 Responses to “Bittersweet”

  1. Natalie said

    Muuwahhhhhaaaahhhaa. I KNOW (speaking of Lacey’s outfit!). What a crazy getup that was. I felt like there was a REAL spark missing tonight, compared to so much else that went on during the season. Must admit, though, I LOVED the duo of Danny and Neil. Mia Michaels is incredible!

  2. Tanglefoot said

    Mia Michael’s is incredible. There hasn’t been one of her routines this season that I have not enjoyed. Even if I haven’t understood them all, or viewed them in the intent of the choreography they have been enjoyable. While the over all Mia Michael’s routine last night didn’t thrill me, what she evoked in Neil and Danny was spell binding. She used every molecule of her performers, fingers, eyebrows, muscles, feet, and hands.

    You are so right there was a spark missing from much of the night. But it was still highly enjoyable. Thank you Natalie for hooking me on this show.

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