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Dancing With The Stars – Season Five – Week 1 – Night Two – The MEN

Posted by ctanglefoot on September 26, 2007

The women opened the competition last night Foxtrotting and Cha Cha Cha-ing into rhythm footed Celebs.  Tuesday night found the other half of the dozen taking center stage with their professional counterparts.   

Kicking off Testosterone Tuesday was…


All My Children’s Cameron Mathieson partnered up with Edyta Sliwiniska Foxtrotted to music that was too fast for the dance.  I wasn’t wowed, Mathieson’s shoulders kept dropping, they glided, they flowed. They received moderate comments from the judges and straight 7’s for a total of 21.

Side bar…Have you noticed they are putting far too many graduating bars in the AT&T commercials?  It use to be interesting to notice the bars, now it’s just too much.

Six time World Champion Boxer, Floyd Mayweather, Junior partnered with Karina Smirnoff for a Cha Cha.  The music started off really weird and I questioned whether I would like the dance, but it showed personality, ability, moveablity, fluidity, and rhythm. The judges were positive, supportive, looked to the future giving the pair received straight 6’s for 18 points.

Brazilian Indy & Formula One Champion hottie Helio Castroneves and Julieann Hough Foxtrotted with nice footwork, good timing, wonderful lines, and was playful.  Castroneves kept his shoulders up, good rhythm, was charming, and looks hot in a Tux. The judges were very happy giving the couple 8-9-8 for 25 points and the lead.

Male Model (because he’s not female) Albert Reed  and partner Anna Trabunskaya Cha Cha’d for their first dance. He can dance, and he can’t dance. Some moves were perfect for him others showed his stiffness, and non understanding of the choreography. The judges enjoyed the fun of the dance but wasn’t sure it was a Cha Cha, giving them straight 7’s an opening score of 21.

Entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban was paired with Australian Kym Johnson.  The two delivered the Foxtrot to a sweet version of King of the Road, delightful, flirty, they had fun, even thought he didn’t dance that great, but he did dance with joy.  A little stiff, his shoulders drooped a few times, he sang to the music, but not bad. The judges liked the performance for the most part giving the pair giving the pairs straight 7’s for 21.

Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton partnered with Cheryl Burke the twosome Cha Cha’s with energetic fun, he looked so happy. Stiff, but happy. From the judges they received 6-7-6 for 19 on the night.

Tomorrow night the results and someone goes home.  Next Monday night the teams take on the Quickstep and a dance to be named.

2 Responses to “Dancing With The Stars – Season Five – Week 1 – Night Two – The MEN”

  1. Karin said

    Hey, I was glad to see the chick go that went. But her partner was hunky. What do they do with the forlorn hunks?

  2. Send them to your house, Karin?

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