Dancing off the Edge

with Jenny T. Partridge

Dancing With The Stars – Season Five – Week One – The Results Show

Posted by ctanglefoot on September 27, 2007

Or the episode entitled: I could skinny dip in his eyes  

Up next week for our remaining Celebs the Mambo and the Quickstep. But this week they still had to face the results of their Foxtrots and Cha Chas.  As in the past the judges picked their favorite routine of the week for a repeat performance, not surprising was their selection of the hot, spicy Hip Hop – Cha Cha of Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryant and Mark Ballas. As sizzling and sexy the second time around, as it was Monday night. 

The first week bottom three consisted of  Floyd Mayweather, JuniorMark Cuban, who garnered the least amount of votes from Tuesday’s night’s show. And ousted this week was Sports Illustrated Model Josie Maran, who received the lowest number of votes following Monday night’s competition. 

In parting Maran said she had the dancing bug and would now go dance solo.  Ever the gentleman, Alec Mazo (her dancing pro) offered to dance with her, right before asking the public to send their votes to Cameron and Edyta (Alec’s new bride of four weeks.)  Ah, so sweet. 

Season Five – Week Two begins Monday, October 1st at 8pm on ABC.


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