Dancing off the Edge

with Jenny T. Partridge

The Quickstep and the Mambo

Posted by ctanglefoot on October 2, 2007

As day is unto night, the Quickstep is unto Mambo, day and night. The Mambo never fails to deliver for me, well okay there are good Mambos and there are not so good Mambos, but the Quickstep (Unless Joey Fatone or Apollo Ono are delivering) usually puts me to sleep. Sadly it shouldn’t, tonight it did most of the time.  And that folks was the dilemma on Dancing tonight. You either got it or you didn’t.


 Last week, as with this week, there were leaders, laggers, and the posse stuck in the middle. So who led? Who trailed? And who bottlenecked?  

Mel B and Maksim delivered up a Quickstep. I can’t tell you how good or bad it was, because every other week I will miss the first dance.  Tonight was my night for Viking Hour. The judges gave Mel B and Maksim – 7 – 8 – 8 for a total of 23. From the recap I can tell you Mel’s hair was great. 

Mark and Kym delivered a facial Mambo.  Facial, because I’m not sure Mark Cuban can do anything that doesn’t include a catalogue of facial expressions, they are as amusing as his dance.  Mark does a few things really well, he gives 110 percent, he pulls the audience into the dance, and he is joyous in his technique.  Much improved over last week, the judges gave them straight sixes for a total of 18. 

Wayne and Cheryl Quickstepped for their portion of the routine. Cheryl’s dress totally pulled my attention away from how stiff Wayne was in his delivery. I thought the choreography was sad and blah. No spring, no joy, and the music was far too slow.  The judges gave them straight 5’s for the lowest score of the night 15. The  

Marie and Johnny show gave us a flirty, fun, sexy Mambo. The most amazing was the amount of trust the dancing partnership displayed. Death drops and tight, fast foot action highlighted the dance. Marie was much improved over last week, but could have used just a bit more snappiness in her hip action. The judges gave them straight 8’s for 24. 

Albert and Anna were last week’s surprise, this week their Quickstep was lackluster in comparison.  The schmaltzy opening went with the ending, but nothing in between. It looked more like polka than sashaying. The judges gave them straight 7’s for 21. 

Helio and JulieAnn are my favorite couple. She’s so damn cute and he’s so Brazilianly sexy and adorable.  Their Mambo sizzled. This team has chemistry ablity, character, and charm. Their dancing displays wonderful tight footwork, posture, musicality, and timing.   JulieAnn is a wonderful choreographer. The judges liked them as well giving them straight 9’s for the high score of the night at 27. 

Jenny and Derek (he’s so darn cute) Quickstepped. The dance was entertaining, despite a few missteps.  Speed was good, high energy, fit the music, but sadly Derek’s foot slid on Jenny’s dress and they didn’t stick the landing. The judges gave them straight 7’s for 21. 

Cameron and  Edyta survived a stress meltdown during the week for Mathieson, whose demanding schedule – and possibly some of his physical problems – were taking a toll on the soap star.  Despite a moment of despair, the duo delivered up a comfortable Mambo. Edyta has a really good choreographic technique that shows off her strong points while her partner kind of sways in the background and no one notices.  The dance wasn’t bad, but it didn’t sizzle.  The judges gave them straight 7’s for 21. 

Floyd and Karina danced the Quickstep. The opening hops sucked. I mean really looked sad,  but the action picked up with several runs of fast footwork that showed Mayweather had really been working on the feet. But what he didn’t have was the posture, his shoulders and therefore his arms kept dropping losing the attitude and posturing he needed. The judges gave them straight 7’s for 21. 

Jane and Tony Mambo’d for the night, as lovely as she is it was probably the saddest Mambo on the night.  She forgot the beginning of the dance, I give her credit, she didn’t quit, she followed until she began remembering. She got most of the hip action, but it had no snap. The judges gave them straight 7’s for 21. Capping off the night was last week’s leader

Sabrina and Mark. Definitely the best Quickstep on the night – in the classic sense of the dance. She shown through every facet of the dance – her posture excellent, wonderful footwork, high energy, flirty, sexy, fun. Great musicality. Mark’s choreography rocked. The judges gave them 9 – 8 – 9 for 26, the second highest score of the night. 

I’m feeling the bottom three will be 

Floyd and Karina

Jane and TonyGoing home????

Wayne and Cheryl 

We’ll know tomorrow night.



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