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The scores don’t Tango and Jive With Me

Posted by ctanglefoot on October 9, 2007

Dancing With The Stars – Week Three – Tango and Jive 

Interesting night of dancing and judging; I wasn’t always in sync with the judges when it came to the scores. Up first:

 Sabrina and Mark danced a wonderful Jive full of energy and fabulous footwork. Mark’s choreography shone, Sabrina showed the trooper she is by pushing herself. Despite one or two shaky moments, the dance was happy exuberance. The judges gave them straight 9’s for 27. 

Cameron and Edyta were up second for the evening dancing a Tango. Strange musical selection, very strange, destroyed the ambiance of the dance and the choreography was lacking. Cameron showed good posture, good footwork, but remains somewhat stiff. The dance itself was not passionate, not hot, I mean it was a Tango. The judges scored them 8 – 7 – 8 for 23 points. 

Mark and Kym danced a Jive, I was wondering how his hip would do in the dance, and after some problems in practice you could see he was protecting his hip just a little bit.  The dance began with nice footwork, but then Mark fell off the mark just a bit, and lost his footwork altogether once or twice.  The judges scoring: 6 – 7 –7  for 20 points. 

Jenny and Derek delivered a Tango. The judges and I greatly differed on this presentation. First off I thought Derek’s choreography was lacking. This was the lackluster dance of Gomez and Morticia, but they made it sexy. Jenny and Derek lacked hot all together.  Garth kept dropping her arms and shoulders, but showed good lines, good kicks, the performance was cold and precise. The judges scored them 9 – 8 – 9 for 26, I have to ask, “Why?” 

Mel B and Maksim delivered a not too bad Jive. It had good energy, her kicks aren’t sharp, she fell behind for a bit in the routine. Good arm work, good bounce, and definitely better than the dance before.  The judges scored gave them straight 9’s for 27. 

Wayne and Cheryl danced the Tango. Whoa, not pretty. While you can tell that Wayne tried, he’s just too stiff, he didn’t understand the character, and Cheryl really did lead through most of the dance.  The judges gave them straight 6’s for the low score of the night, an 18. Adios. Floyd and Karina danced the Jive. Mayweather kept falling behind or missing footwork altogether. Lackluster kicks, he was slow half the time, I just didn’t see this as deserving of the score they received from the judges:  straight 7’s for 21. 

Jane and Tony danced a Tango dedicated to Jane’s late mum. This is such a nice dance for her.  She stayed wonderfully in character, there was good push and pull through out the dance, good tension, good – tight footwork, but I was sold completely. The judges were quite generous with straight 9’s for a 27. 

Helio and Julieann danced a Jive and for the first time, I think Helio didn’t deliver as he has, but it isn’t all his fault, for the first time in two season’s JulieAnn’s choreography was subpar. His timing was good, but he needs to sharpen his kicks. Interestingly enough Carrie Ann and I agreed on Helio’s use of space, he usually uses all his space, secure in his dance, but tonight he had some little moments where his movements were small when they should have been full.  The judges scored them straight 8’s for 24 on the night. 

Marie and Jonathan danced a delightful Tango. I hope she gets her own show, a sitcom would be nice.  The Tango was cute, with good tight footwork, musicality. Marie stayed in character making it an enjoyable, wonderful, fun dance. The judges scored them 9 – 8 – 9 for 26 points.

BTW my next diet will include Ballroom dancing. Wayne Newton said he’d lost 20 pounds; both Marie and Sabrina have noticeably lost weight in the three weeks since the show has been on the air.  

My guess for who is leaving this week based on dancibility (or lack there of): Wayne Newton. 

My bottom three performances:

Wayne and Cheryl

Cameron and Eydta

Mark and Kym 

Billy Rae returns for the Tuesday night results show to perform with his daughter Mylie Cyrus aka Hannah Montana. Following the show the duet will go on sale.   

Until tomorrow night.




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