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Posted by jennytpartridge on October 12, 2007

Tanglefoot is doing a great job blogging on DANCING WITH THE STARS, but I wanted to take a minute and write about TAPPED OUT, which came out last week. This second book in the series hasn’t been reviewed much yet, but I did find a review on the Internet that really surprised me.

This is the second in the series, following TUTU DEADLY, and I’m happy to report that Jenny has matured quite a bit since the first novel. She’s no longer flailing around like a teenager; she’s behaving much more like the thirtysomething woman she is supposed to be. The author has toned down the “wacky” aspects a bit, too, but there’s still a good dose of humor and some funny situations. The recurring characters are continuing to develop quite nicely; and the mystery seems to be more centered and tightly plotted this time. Anyone who has ever been a dance student as a child, or has a child taking dance classes will instantly recognize the reality of the dance and dance school scenes. This one is a fun, solid mystery, and I’ll be happy to follow Jenny’s progress in the future.

Okay, I’m glad she liked it. And has Jenny matured? Well, she seems the same to me, to be honest. Is it toned down? Well, yes, there were more hijinks in the first one, but I think Jenny is ALWAYS Jenny. But is she maturing? Well, I suppose so. I mean, part of traveling along in life means maturing.

And I just turned in the third book in the series (I will not say last, I will not say last) and in this one, Jenny’s life promises a LOT of changes. In fact, Marlys and she change roles a little bit. Because that happens sometimes, in life.

But I think the third book is my favorite one. The strongest book. The strongest plot line. The most centered in the crazy world of youth competition dance.

So someone will probably think it’s the worst… you just never know.

But my editor agrees.

So I have to wonder about what people have vested in series, and what they see that maybe even the author doesn’t see. If things don’t turn out the way you think they should, does it make you angry? Torn? Does it make you stop reading?

I’ve been a Janet Evanovich fan for a long while. Lots of people bitch and moan and complain about Janet and her Stephanie Plum series, saying it is getting old, and tired, and will Stephanie please just CHOOSE between Ranger and Joe already….. But even though I’ve read all the books, I still look forward to the next one. Yeah, it’s some of the same, but hey, it’s Stephanie, and it’s always humorous, and easy to read, and it’s, well, popcorn.

Someone called Jenny T. Partridge popcorn. Well-written popcorn. And you know what? It may not be a meal, but everyone needs popcorn in their life.

I’ll settle for popcorn.

Library Journal compared me to Janet Evanovich with this review:

“Blending the humor of Janet Evanovich with chick-lit quirkiness, Roberts adds sassy prose and a spunky heroine to create a new series to watch.”–Library Journal

I think I’ll take that praise and run with it…..


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