Dancing off the Edge

with Jenny T. Partridge

Mayweather TKO’d from Dancing With The Stars

Posted by ctanglefoot on October 17, 2007

After a night that yielded up the season’s first perfect set of 10’s for Sabrina Bryant and her dancing partner Mark Ballas, the welter weight champion of the world Floyd Mayweather and his partner Karina Sminoff were eleminated from this season’s competition.

Mayweather and Smirnov danced a Paso Dobles that just couldn’t keep up with the competition. The audience was noticibly shocked when Spice Girl Mel B and her partner Maksim chmerkovskiy were relagated to the bottom two on the show. Mel and Maksmi had garnered some of the performance show’s higher numbers the night before.

The encore dance of the night surprisingly went to All My Children’s star Cameron Mathieson and Edyta Sliwinska who performed their Superman Paso Dobles.

My highlight of the night was the circus inspired contemporary routine by dance phenomenon Wade Robson (who just rocks my boat.)

Up next, Latin Dance Week when the celebs will master, or at least get blisters trying, the Rumba and the Samba.

Until then,




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