Dancing off the Edge

with Jenny T. Partridge

Rock N’ Roll Rummmmmmmble

Posted by ctanglefoot on October 30, 2007

It was a mixed bag week in both performances, dances, and outcomes.  Each team performed a routine to a dance new to them, then it was the first group dance of the season. So let’s start with the individual dances on the night… 

Sabrina and Mark danced the Foxtrot, it was my Monday with Viking Hour so I missed this first performance. The judges graded them 9 – 8 – 8 for 25 points making them the first team of the night to land in the middle of the pack.

Jane and Tony performed a Jive. It was boring, stiff, and absolutely no pizzazz. Jane needs to learn to keep her knees together. To quote Len Goodman, “It wasn’t pumping.”  The judges scored them straight 7s for the lowest score of the night. 

Cameron and Edyta drew the Samba this week.  Usually I think Edyta doesn’t choreograph for her partner, this week she definitely did, showing his strengths while she carried the routine.  Despite a misstep at the end of the routine the dance was nice, had energy, but wasn’t fast and hot.  The judges gave them 9 – 8 – 8 for 25 in the middle of the pack. 

Mel B and Maksim performed a nice, sexy Rumba.  It didn’t smolder, it didn’t challenge, but it was well danced. Mel B has beautiful bubble butt, they put her in a dress with a drape on the butt, why oh why would they do that?  The judges loved them and the dance giving them a perfect score of 30, and the leader board for the night. 

Marie and Jonathan danced the Paso Dobles. It needed more energy and sharper movements. It kind of dragged in a few places, but it was charged in a few places as well. The judges scored them 8 –8 – 7 for 23 and the second lowest score of the night. 

Helio and JulieAnn drew the Cha Cha. It was fun, in character, and had sauce to it. JulieAnn truly understands her job as a choreographer and a teacher, the routine spotlighted Helio quite nicely.  The judges gave them the second highest scores of the night, 9 – 10 – 9 for 28 points. 

The fun of the night came with the season’s first group routine, a Rock N’ Roll Rumble choreographed by Christian Perry.  Danced to Rockin’ Robin, the dance was fun, energetic, very entertaining, with some very good performances.

Those who especially stood out were Sabrina, Mel B, and Helio. 

Those who didn’t shine were Jane and Jenny. 

Bottom two this week? 

Jane and Tony

Marie and Jonathan 

Going home? Jane and Tony. 




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