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Dancing With THe Stars – Week Eight – Zoot Suit Banana

Posted by ctanglefoot on November 13, 2007

A good week of dancing for the stars, but not all are up to where they should be in the eight week. And a lot of that is to be laid on the shoulders of the pros, because the create the dance.


First up for the night,


Jenny and Derek dancing the Jive.  A good dance, wonderful choreography, but Jenny legs were all flighty. Jive kicks should be sharp digs, Jenny’s feet flailed in the air, her kicks were not controlled nor finished. Plus she kind of ran out of umph! Towards the end of the dance.  The judges score them straight 8’s for 24 points.


In dance two the duo Fox-trotted with some very nice foot works. The piece was light with loads of personality and good music.  The Judges scored them 9 – 9  – 8 for 26, a grand total of 50 on the night.


Cameron and Eydta first danced a Viennese Waltz. And it was a waltz that little girls and romantics dream about. Mathieson has very nice lines, holds, and pauses in the dance. A lovely lilting quality. The judges liked it too, giving them straight 9’s for 27 points.


Their Cha Cha was good. Very nice fast foot work, strange but interesting selection of music (I always have to wonder at the musical director of the show) Brown Sugar for a Cha Cha? It worked.  The judges gave them straight 8’s for 24, a total of 51 on the night.


Marie and Jonathan Rumba’d to start their night off. A slow, sultry, sexy dance, a bit off time at the end, and I thought there were places were there could have been more choreography. The judges thought so too and scored them straight 8’s for 24 points.


The duo danced a country Jive that was adorable. Good footwork, but one jump was a bit ackward for me. It has great personality, delightful choreography.  The judges scored them 8 – 9 – 8 for 25, a total of 49 and the total lowest score on the night.


Helio and JulieAnn rocked the house. Up first a Paso Dobles. I love this dance, it’s of fiery passion and aggression. The cape work was splendid, the attitude excellent, good character, wonderful footwork and lines. The judges awarded them straight 9’s for 27 points.


Their second dance on the night was a fabulous Quickstep. Great dance: total musicality, fabulous energy, character, footwork, and lines.  JulieAnn’s choreography was at its best. Helio shone. The judges loved it too, giving them the only perfect score on the night, for a total 57 points on the evening.


Mel B and Maksim opened their night with a Tango. Right off I will say the music was hideous, but Mel and Maksim have tight foot work, good physical attitude. But Gads I hated the music.  The judges gave them straight 9’s for 26 points.


The Mambo is the perfect dance for Mel B, and Maksim’s choreography was inspired.  The dance was cute, energetic, kind of slowed at one point, but nice musicality,  and wonderful role reversal in the dance more than once for a light feel.  The judges liked it too, scoring them 9 – 10 – 10 for 29 pints a total of 56 on the night.


I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that Helio and JulieAnn’s Quickstep is Tuesday’s encore performance, it was that wonderful. And featured Helio’s Banana Zoot Suit. Classic and handsome.


Going home? I think it’s between

Jenny and Derek

Marie and Jonathan


Until tomorrow night, Sith,



2 Responses to “Dancing With THe Stars – Week Eight – Zoot Suit Banana”

  1. francine said

    Where did Lam, the judge get his pin striped jacket? It was SHARP!

  2. watch the walking dead s02e07…

    […]Dancing With THe Stars – Week Eight – Zoot Suit Banana « Dancing off the Edge[…]…

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