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Dancing With The Stars – The Semi Finals aka Queen B meets the King of Drive

Posted by ctanglefoot on November 20, 2007

And what a night it was, in the history of the American version of Dancing with the Stars there has never been so many 10s awarded. Two Celebs tonight danced there way to perfect scores and I don’t mean 30.


The best of Ballroom; the best of the Latin dances, each team selected their favorite of each category tonight.

Marie and Jonathan split their choices. Marie opted for the Quickstep in the Ballroom round. Jonathan choreographed a fun, happy dance that offered great character, fancy footwork, and lots of personality.  The judges liked it scoring Marie and Jonathan 10 – 10 – 9 for 29 points.

Jonathan selected the Mambo and dished up a madcap and fun dance. There was lots of great content and action, a few slow moves, but over all a good dance.  There judges gave them the lowest score of the night, straight 9s for 27.  An over all of 56 points on the night and the bottom of the leader board.

and Maksim selected the Viennese Waltz in the Ballroom round. Absolutely divine, a beautiful dance, flowing, awesome, perfect.  The judges thought so too, giving them straight 10s for 30 points.

Here musicality absolutely sucked, not their fault – but MUSIC DIRECTOR WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Satisfaction led to an unsatisfactory experience for me. But the judges liked it giving them straight 10s again, for a 60 on the night, the first of two perfect scores.

Jenny and Derek first Tangoed in the Ballroom round. The music again was absolutely aweful (I’m beginning to think I’m a Ballroom purist.) The choreography was slow (it was a Tango) the music was far too fast in comparison. I just didn’t like it. The judges scored them 9 – 10 – 9 for a 28.

Their Cha Cha in the Latin round was superb in comparison. Good dance, good performance, good musicality, great costume.  The judges scored them perfect 10s for 30 and a total on the night of 58.

And Helio and JulieAnn totally rocked.  In the Ballroom round they danced a Foxtrot. Now I’ll be up front, straight, I do not like the Foxtrot. Boring.  This dance was anything but boring. Fabulous dance, JulieAnn’s choreography was superb, the footwork fast and fabulous.  The judges liked it too, scoring them straight 10s for 30 points.

In the Latin round they Cha Cha’d their way to another perfect score, tying with Mel and Maksim for 60 points.

I am sticking to the belief that Jenny Garth will go home tomorrow, barring some disastrous voting by the fans. This thought is of course coming from the woman who doesn’t vote, because, “Hey, I’m a journalist.”

The love birds of the season, Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas will return tomorrow night with a special dance. And Kenny Mayne will offer up a Dance Center expose on life after  Ballroom, the dirty ugly truth of a celebrity’s life, after the spotlight turns off.

The debut of Dance Wars: Bruno vs CarrieAnn was announced to night as January 9th, I will defiantly be covering the competition…er if Jenny T let’s me. Hopefully she be embroiled in some dance steps of her own.

Until tomorrow night,


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