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Dance War: Bruno and CarrieAnn – R & B, The Music of Motown

Posted by ctanglefoot on January 29, 2008

 Dance War: Bruno and CarrieAnn – R & B, The Music of Motown

I love Motown, so I was looking forward to tonight’s selections and performances.  The opening number didn’t let me down.  Performed by the entire ensemble was Wilson Pickett’s Land of a Thousand Dances. The ensemble dances, to me, seem the best performances.  They highlight the right voices, the choreography seems tighter, and there are more bodies on the stage so there is less space between the performers.

Out of the whole show the part that seems to wear on me the most is the power boast that both Bruno and CarrieAnn do after they come out on stage. It seems to me like a little ego, pissing match. I know it’s for show biz and hype, but really, on with the show.

Up first was Team Bruno with a cover of Aretha’s Think. The performance offered great energy, good voice, good choreography; it was a well-oiled machine.

Team CarrieAnn followed up with their version of the Temptations Papa was a Rolling Stone. Great production number; this piece offered a perfect match of voice to lyric with a blend of today and yesterday’s performance styles. The brought it.

Team Bruno’s second number of the night was Caught Up,a piece I was unfamiliar with, and I know why, the number just didn’t sell me.  The vocals were questionable, several times off key and pitchy. The back up vocals were strong, the choreography light.

Team CarrieAnn closed up the production numbers with their interpretation of Diana Ross’ Upside Down. Good performance, good vocals, but I have to say for as much as they rave about Mariel’s vocals, I’m not impressed, she doesn’t understand nuisance.

Based on tonight’s performances, I vote Team CarrieAnn.

Team CarrieAnn better watch out, because if last week’s vote and this week’s elimination is any indicator they’re in trouble.  Why do I say that? Well my vote last week went to Team Bruno; America voted Team CarrieAnn as American’s favorite.

Team Bruno had to say goodbye to one member of their troupe. I think Bruno is tone-deaf. Bruno already gave indicators that team members Charity, Phillip, and Tony were on somewhat questionable ground. But when push came to shove it was Charity and Kelsey who found them selves singing for their lives. And what a pathetic performance it was, both were emotional (understandably) and very pitchy. Their hand movements comical (but then folks, this is why I only sing in my shower.)  After singing for their lives it was Charity who found herself on the outside looking in.

Until next week’s performances and elimination,




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Dance War: Bruno vs CarrieAnn – The Lines Are Open

Posted by ctanglefoot on January 22, 2008

But only for an hour after the show ends. And you’re allowed five votes per email, or you can vote online.

To clear up what apparently is a misunderstanding from a comment on Week 2’s review aka School Yard Picks, the Jenny T. Partridge, Dancing off the Edge blog is in no way affiliated with ABC Television or BBC Worldwide Productions. Dancing Off The Edge and Jenny T. Partridge are solely under the ownership of Natalie M. Roberts.

Having said all that, let me help out those who can’t figure out the voting process.

1)       You can vote

A)     Team Bruno by dialing 1 – 866 – 559 – 9271    (WAR1)

B)   Team CarrieAnn by dialing 1 – 866 – 559 – 9272   (WAR2)

2)       You can vote by email (five votes per email address)

3)       You can vote online at http://abc.go.com/primetime/dancewar/index?pn=vote ABC.com but you must register with the website, then you are allowed five votes each week for registered identity.

It’s that simple.

Tonight’s Dance War opened with a redundant twenty-five minute recap of last week’s School Yard Pick. I rushed home when I didn’t have to. And to keep in the theme, I’ll be redundant in saying they messed up and made a big mistake when the cut Maxx last week. Their bad.

First up in tonight’s performances, Team Bruno with their cover of A Little Less Conversation.

Tony – His vocals left me wanting for some good vocals – Bruno totally disagreed (he must be tone deaf)

Phillip – Despite losing his voice last week, he gave some good vocals

Zac – Vocally shone through out the performance

Charity – Lacey – Kelsey gave good backup vocals, these girls know now to blend. (Their costumes and the choreography left them looking like cheap hookers.)

Team CarrieAnn opened their night with a cover of Run It

Bradley – thin vocals

Qis – weak vocals

Chris – bad mic connection

Mariel – weak vocals, a bit off key

Elizabeth – probably the strongest vocal in this performance

Allysa – I can’t remember

Overall the performance was amateur. The song sucked, the choreography lacked, it reminded me of a junior high school skit.

Team Bruno’s second performance of the night was to Rhianna’s SOS

Much better than the first performance, better vocals, strange choreography

Team CarrieAnn’s second performance was to Blondie’s Call Me

And featured questionable female solos.

Needless to say, this week I voted for TEAM BRUNO

The final performance of the night was Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now. It featured the best choreography of the night, the best vocals of the night, except from Bradley who was decidedly flat (but his wasn’t the only bad vocal of the routine.)

Next Monday night we’ll see how America voted and find out which team will have to send one of their members packing. Until then,



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SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE auditions in Salt Lake City!

Posted by jennytpartridge on January 19, 2008

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE is coming to Salt Lake City for an open call audition, and I’m TELLING you, they will be thrilled with the talent around here. In Utah, dancing is BIG. We loves us our dancing here in Utah. There’s a dance school on every corner. No lie. Okay, slight exaggeration. But close.

But with studios like Center Stage, the Dance Club and The Pointe Academy down in Utah County; Pulse 31, Dance Impressions, and the Ballet West Academy in SLC; and of course Elite Dance Force and Infinity Dance in Northern Utah, there is some SERIOUS talent coming out of Utah–talent that is very highly trained, and technically sound.

After Utah, here are some the other scheduled venues.

Thu, Jan 31 Charleston, SC Charleston Music Hall
37 John Street
Charleston, South Carolina 29403
Fri, Feb 1
Sat, Feb 2
Mon, Feb 4 Salt Lake City, UT Capitol Theatre
50 West 200 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
Wed, Feb 6
Thurs, Feb 7
Thu, Feb 21 Washington, D.C. Atlas Performing Arts Center
1333 H St. NE
Washington, D.C. 20002
Fri, Feb 22
Sat, Feb 23
Thu, March 6 Los Angeles , CA The Orpheum Theatre
842 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, California 90014
Fri, March 7
Sat, March 8
Thu, March 20 Milwaukee , WI The Milwaukee Theatre
500 W. Kilbourn Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53203
Fri, March 21
Sat, March 22

Go Utah! (The fact that a Utahn won the last SYTYCD is no deterrent. I promise!)

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Dance War: Bruno vs CarrieAnn – School Yard Picks

Posted by ctanglefoot on January 15, 2008

In hindsight I am totally bummed. Hind bummed get it? I know, bad.  But so was tonight’s show.  For the most part the choreography and vocal performances were mediocre.  The show opened with an “Everybody Dance Now” medley that spotlighted a few of the dancers, and left others totally out in the cold. The choreography was sad, and the acoustics terrible.

The evening’s competition opened the guys performing a bad Chippendales revue without the stripping. I have to say Bradley has got Biceps and Triceps that won’t quit. But the overall number was boring to watch and once again, the spotlight shone on the same performers as it did in the first production number.

The group was divided for the second dance. The choreography was much tighter and overall better, the moves were good, and vocals to “Larger Than Life” were much better. The guys group one were…

Maxx, 18 from Tennessee

Qis, 26 from California

Chris, 18 from California

Bradley, 24 from Tennessee

Group two of the guys performed “Hard To Handle” the choreography was looser and lighter, not as intricate, and not as tight. The vocals were good.

Zac, 25 from Utah

Tony, 23 from California

And Phillip, 25 from Virginia

The school yard picks will be posted at the end

The girls ensemble performance to “Bad Girls” was bad. The choreography was more of a dance and pose number, The vocals started out bad, and those who were bad remained bad, making the stronger singers standout.

The first group for the girls performed “The Beat Goes On” it didn’t the beat totally died a death of embarrassment right there on the stage. The vocal arrangement was hideous, Corine was flat and had no clue, and the choreography was pathetic.

Kelsey, 24 Louisiana

Corine, 20 of Connecticut

Allysa, 20 of California

Charity, 20 from Tennessee

Group two for the girls pulled “Lady Marmalaide” allowing the strong vocals to shine, but untested by the light almost non-existent choreography. Reminded me of a revue performance.

School Yard Pics went as follows..

                                                Team CarrieAnn               Team Bruno

Pick one:                                Bradley                                    Zac

                                             Chris                                        Tony

Pick Two:                           Mariel                                      Kelsey                                     Marial

                                             Elizabeth                                 Lacey

The remaining six contestants were given one last chance to wow Bruno and CarrieAnn. First up the girls who sang a JARRING rendition of “I’m a Survivor.”  The guys gave a harmonious rendition of “To The End Of The Road.”

Pick three:                           Qis                                           Phillip

                                              Alyssa                                     Charity

Going home Maxx (blind you people are blind) and Corine, who thought she had it sown up.  Next week America begins their voting. Until next Monday night.



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Friday’s AYD–A montage of AYD’s under the age of 10

Posted by jennytpartridge on January 11, 2008

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Thursday’s AYD–Stacey Glumm

Posted by jennytpartridge on January 10, 2008

Thirteen-year-old Stacey Glumm. Beautiful lines, very flexible, and with great control. This girl has a future. VERY good dancer, good song, nice costume.

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Wednesday’s AYD–Emily ?

Posted by jennytpartridge on January 9, 2008

I don’t know this girl’s last name, or her age, because it wasn’t listed on the video,  but amazing performance. I don’t much care for the costume, but again, AMAZING performance and incredible song.

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Dance War: Bruno vs. CarrieAnn – Hollywood Call Backs

Posted by ctanglefoot on January 8, 2008

ABC TV unveiled it’s newest entertainment reality series during a two hour premiere for Dance Wars: Bruno Vs CarrieAnn; the main contenders being Bruno Toniolli and CarrieAnn Inaba of Dancing With The Stars fame.  Both bring to the show dancing and choreography clout in the industry; they are familiar faces to TV (and neither are hard to look at,) and fan bases both separate and as members of the DWTS. They also brought with them DWTS season two champ Drew Lachey to host the six week competition. 

The difference between Dance Wars in comparison to DWTS and So You Think You Can Dance is that each hopeful must dance and sing to present a complete entertainment package. And several of the contestants showed that had the right stuff right out of the starting gate. The opening episode finds our trio holding cattle call tryouts in New York City, Los Angeles, and Nashville. Some were train wrecks others were brilliant.

Out of three auditions, thirty hopefuls received Hollywood Callbacks. After two grueling days of vocal and dance rehearsals the group preformed to make the cut from thirty to the final fourteen. 

The final fourteen to compete in Dance Wars over the next six weeks are…

Charity              Zack                  Phillip                        Mariel                        Allysa

Maxx               Cornia                 Lacey                        Kelsey                         Tony             

Marquis            Chris                  Bradley                     Elisabeth

The competition continues next Monday night when the two teams will be selected, but first two must go.

Just my early guess, but from the beginning Maxx shown bright with incredible dance talent, a nice voice, and pizzazz.  CarrieAnn and Bruno were especially taken with Zack’s leadership qualities, and Elizabeth’s command. Six weeks will tell.

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Tuesday’s AYD–Chelsea Banken

Posted by jennytpartridge on January 8, 2008

Don’t love the song, and the choreography could be tighter, but Chelsea Banken is pretty incredible.

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This week, we will spotlight amazing promising young dancers!

Posted by jennytpartridge on January 7, 2008

This week, I thought I would spotlight some of the amazing young dancers around the United States, and of course, the world, if anyone is so inclined. Send any suggestions to Jennytpartridge@gmail.com.

Today’s spotlight is Megan Warner. She LOOKS like she is 24. The youtube video says she is 12. If so, amazing. Even if she is older, she’s very good.

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