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Dance War: Bruno vs. CarrieAnn – Hollywood Call Backs

Posted by ctanglefoot on January 8, 2008

ABC TV unveiled it’s newest entertainment reality series during a two hour premiere for Dance Wars: Bruno Vs CarrieAnn; the main contenders being Bruno Toniolli and CarrieAnn Inaba of Dancing With The Stars fame.  Both bring to the show dancing and choreography clout in the industry; they are familiar faces to TV (and neither are hard to look at,) and fan bases both separate and as members of the DWTS. They also brought with them DWTS season two champ Drew Lachey to host the six week competition. 

The difference between Dance Wars in comparison to DWTS and So You Think You Can Dance is that each hopeful must dance and sing to present a complete entertainment package. And several of the contestants showed that had the right stuff right out of the starting gate. The opening episode finds our trio holding cattle call tryouts in New York City, Los Angeles, and Nashville. Some were train wrecks others were brilliant.

Out of three auditions, thirty hopefuls received Hollywood Callbacks. After two grueling days of vocal and dance rehearsals the group preformed to make the cut from thirty to the final fourteen. 

The final fourteen to compete in Dance Wars over the next six weeks are…

Charity              Zack                  Phillip                        Mariel                        Allysa

Maxx               Cornia                 Lacey                        Kelsey                         Tony             

Marquis            Chris                  Bradley                     Elisabeth

The competition continues next Monday night when the two teams will be selected, but first two must go.

Just my early guess, but from the beginning Maxx shown bright with incredible dance talent, a nice voice, and pizzazz.  CarrieAnn and Bruno were especially taken with Zack’s leadership qualities, and Elizabeth’s command. Six weeks will tell.


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