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Dance War: Bruno vs CarrieAnn – School Yard Picks

Posted by ctanglefoot on January 15, 2008

In hindsight I am totally bummed. Hind bummed get it? I know, bad.  But so was tonight’s show.  For the most part the choreography and vocal performances were mediocre.  The show opened with an “Everybody Dance Now” medley that spotlighted a few of the dancers, and left others totally out in the cold. The choreography was sad, and the acoustics terrible.

The evening’s competition opened the guys performing a bad Chippendales revue without the stripping. I have to say Bradley has got Biceps and Triceps that won’t quit. But the overall number was boring to watch and once again, the spotlight shone on the same performers as it did in the first production number.

The group was divided for the second dance. The choreography was much tighter and overall better, the moves were good, and vocals to “Larger Than Life” were much better. The guys group one were…

Maxx, 18 from Tennessee

Qis, 26 from California

Chris, 18 from California

Bradley, 24 from Tennessee

Group two of the guys performed “Hard To Handle” the choreography was looser and lighter, not as intricate, and not as tight. The vocals were good.

Zac, 25 from Utah

Tony, 23 from California

And Phillip, 25 from Virginia

The school yard picks will be posted at the end

The girls ensemble performance to “Bad Girls” was bad. The choreography was more of a dance and pose number, The vocals started out bad, and those who were bad remained bad, making the stronger singers standout.

The first group for the girls performed “The Beat Goes On” it didn’t the beat totally died a death of embarrassment right there on the stage. The vocal arrangement was hideous, Corine was flat and had no clue, and the choreography was pathetic.

Kelsey, 24 Louisiana

Corine, 20 of Connecticut

Allysa, 20 of California

Charity, 20 from Tennessee

Group two for the girls pulled “Lady Marmalaide” allowing the strong vocals to shine, but untested by the light almost non-existent choreography. Reminded me of a revue performance.

School Yard Pics went as follows..

                                                Team CarrieAnn               Team Bruno

Pick one:                                Bradley                                    Zac

                                             Chris                                        Tony

Pick Two:                           Mariel                                      Kelsey                                     Marial

                                             Elizabeth                                 Lacey

The remaining six contestants were given one last chance to wow Bruno and CarrieAnn. First up the girls who sang a JARRING rendition of “I’m a Survivor.”  The guys gave a harmonious rendition of “To The End Of The Road.”

Pick three:                           Qis                                           Phillip

                                              Alyssa                                     Charity

Going home Maxx (blind you people are blind) and Corine, who thought she had it sown up.  Next week America begins their voting. Until next Monday night.




2 Responses to “Dance War: Bruno vs CarrieAnn – School Yard Picks”

  1. Jeremy said

    Ok, so I’m pretty sure Marial is on team Carrie Ann and Kelsey is on team Bruno ?
    I think Charity is the worst of the bunch. If the whining and squealing she does into the mic is considered good singing, then someone needs to get their ears checked.

  2. s ellerson said

    I’m searching for the voting page. for
    Carrie Ann verus Bruno Team “so you think you can dance” and I can’t find it. your page is to confusing and should be made more simple. Oh well I guess
    I’ll just use the telephone.
    Should have been formated like Dancing with the stars web page. Sweet and direct to the point.

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