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Dance War: Bruno vs CarrieAnn – The Lines Are Open

Posted by ctanglefoot on January 22, 2008

But only for an hour after the show ends. And you’re allowed five votes per email, or you can vote online.

To clear up what apparently is a misunderstanding from a comment on Week 2’s review aka School Yard Picks, the Jenny T. Partridge, Dancing off the Edge blog is in no way affiliated with ABC Television or BBC Worldwide Productions. Dancing Off The Edge and Jenny T. Partridge are solely under the ownership of Natalie M. Roberts.

Having said all that, let me help out those who can’t figure out the voting process.

1)       You can vote

A)     Team Bruno by dialing 1 – 866 – 559 – 9271    (WAR1)

B)   Team CarrieAnn by dialing 1 – 866 – 559 – 9272   (WAR2)

2)       You can vote by email (five votes per email address)

3)       You can vote online at http://abc.go.com/primetime/dancewar/index?pn=vote ABC.com but you must register with the website, then you are allowed five votes each week for registered identity.

It’s that simple.

Tonight’s Dance War opened with a redundant twenty-five minute recap of last week’s School Yard Pick. I rushed home when I didn’t have to. And to keep in the theme, I’ll be redundant in saying they messed up and made a big mistake when the cut Maxx last week. Their bad.

First up in tonight’s performances, Team Bruno with their cover of A Little Less Conversation.

Tony – His vocals left me wanting for some good vocals – Bruno totally disagreed (he must be tone deaf)

Phillip – Despite losing his voice last week, he gave some good vocals

Zac – Vocally shone through out the performance

Charity – Lacey – Kelsey gave good backup vocals, these girls know now to blend. (Their costumes and the choreography left them looking like cheap hookers.)

Team CarrieAnn opened their night with a cover of Run It

Bradley – thin vocals

Qis – weak vocals

Chris – bad mic connection

Mariel – weak vocals, a bit off key

Elizabeth – probably the strongest vocal in this performance

Allysa – I can’t remember

Overall the performance was amateur. The song sucked, the choreography lacked, it reminded me of a junior high school skit.

Team Bruno’s second performance of the night was to Rhianna’s SOS

Much better than the first performance, better vocals, strange choreography

Team CarrieAnn’s second performance was to Blondie’s Call Me

And featured questionable female solos.

Needless to say, this week I voted for TEAM BRUNO

The final performance of the night was Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now. It featured the best choreography of the night, the best vocals of the night, except from Bradley who was decidedly flat (but his wasn’t the only bad vocal of the routine.)

Next Monday night we’ll see how America voted and find out which team will have to send one of their members packing. Until then,




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