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Dance War: Bruno and CarrieAnn – R & B, The Music of Motown

Posted by ctanglefoot on January 29, 2008

 Dance War: Bruno and CarrieAnn – R & B, The Music of Motown

I love Motown, so I was looking forward to tonight’s selections and performances.  The opening number didn’t let me down.  Performed by the entire ensemble was Wilson Pickett’s Land of a Thousand Dances. The ensemble dances, to me, seem the best performances.  They highlight the right voices, the choreography seems tighter, and there are more bodies on the stage so there is less space between the performers.

Out of the whole show the part that seems to wear on me the most is the power boast that both Bruno and CarrieAnn do after they come out on stage. It seems to me like a little ego, pissing match. I know it’s for show biz and hype, but really, on with the show.

Up first was Team Bruno with a cover of Aretha’s Think. The performance offered great energy, good voice, good choreography; it was a well-oiled machine.

Team CarrieAnn followed up with their version of the Temptations Papa was a Rolling Stone. Great production number; this piece offered a perfect match of voice to lyric with a blend of today and yesterday’s performance styles. The brought it.

Team Bruno’s second number of the night was Caught Up,a piece I was unfamiliar with, and I know why, the number just didn’t sell me.  The vocals were questionable, several times off key and pitchy. The back up vocals were strong, the choreography light.

Team CarrieAnn closed up the production numbers with their interpretation of Diana Ross’ Upside Down. Good performance, good vocals, but I have to say for as much as they rave about Mariel’s vocals, I’m not impressed, she doesn’t understand nuisance.

Based on tonight’s performances, I vote Team CarrieAnn.

Team CarrieAnn better watch out, because if last week’s vote and this week’s elimination is any indicator they’re in trouble.  Why do I say that? Well my vote last week went to Team Bruno; America voted Team CarrieAnn as American’s favorite.

Team Bruno had to say goodbye to one member of their troupe. I think Bruno is tone-deaf. Bruno already gave indicators that team members Charity, Phillip, and Tony were on somewhat questionable ground. But when push came to shove it was Charity and Kelsey who found them selves singing for their lives. And what a pathetic performance it was, both were emotional (understandably) and very pitchy. Their hand movements comical (but then folks, this is why I only sing in my shower.)  After singing for their lives it was Charity who found herself on the outside looking in.

Until next week’s performances and elimination,




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  1. OLEN said

    @AnoukT probeer nu Hootsuite uit op de Tablet. Maar krijg Twitter API melding dat ik dan over de limiet ga. #ahum

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