Dancing off the Edge

with Jenny T. Partridge

Posted by ctanglefoot on February 5, 2008

Hopefully I’ll get to see the opening cast number on You-Tube because I missed it.  Overall I thought tonight’s performances were split, each team gave a great performance and an on the fence performance. At the end of the night, one person had to go home.

Team competition opened with Team CarrieAnn’s cover of the Southern Rock classic The Devil Went Down To Georgia. Good choreography, good props, and very entertaining. The acoustics in that place suck, despite that face Qis’ voice stood out, the harmonies were great, and each team member’s characteristics stood out.

Team Bruno countered with a cover of Life Is A Highway. To me it really showed both Phil and Zak’s weak vocals, the choreography was so-so, but the harmonies were very nice.

Speaking of bad acoustics in the building, their non-existence was underscored by how bad Taylor Swift sounded at the half.

Round two of the night opened with Team CarrieAnn performing Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. First off to the stylist, Alyssa’s top, terrible, made only worse by her weak vocals in this performance. The performance was sultry, but the audio just didn’t sound right.

Team Bruno offered up These Boots Are Made For Walking. Kelsey rocked; Lacey opened weak, but regained her strength.  The choreography fit the song.

Based on performances tonight, again my vote goes to Team CarrieAnn.

First I have to wonder if the show would be 90 minutes long if there was no writer’s strike. Big, Greedy Powers That Be give in already.

Team CarrieAnn won America’s vote for the second week in a row but if America votes on CarrieAnn’s dress this week they are going to lose big time.  Face with a brutal decision Bruno whined how unfair it all is and then placed (wisely) Zak and Tony in the bottom two.  The sang off tonight pitted the two against each other with the only country song of the night If Tomorrow Never Comes, a song that suited Zak. Ergo, Tony was the loser on the night.

Until next week,




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