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Dance War: Bruno vs. CarrieAnn – Latin Week

Posted by ctanglefoot on February 12, 2008

Just one more week remains; tonight’s voting at the end of the show is to pick America’s favorite team. But before that vote begins, a team must lose and eliminate a member. Will it be Team Bruno for the third week or will Team CarrieAnn get their first taste of defeat?

Latin week could be telling, and if the opening group number is any indication, we’re in trouble. The group number was a combination of Hernando’s Hideway and Dance With Me. To me the group number always underscores how they DO NOT work together; they are too segregated the rest of the time to integrate for one number. The audio was terrible, the choreography sad.

Up first in Latin week competition is Team CarrieAnn, who drew the Miami Sound Machine’s Conga! I have to say strong performance. Nice vocals, good choreography Team CarrieAnn kept it moving. I loved the lift; it was different and well performed.

Team Bruno took the stage for Michael Bublè’s Sway. I love this song. Kelsey is a hot performer. She doesn’t get a lot of notice, but her footwork and harmonies are superb. Phillip’s voice was great tonight, very full. Lacey and Zak – not so much. On the other hand the partnering was wonderful.

Team CarrieAnn’s second number of the night was Marc Anthony’s I Need To Know. I liked it; good harmonies, good vocals, but not as driven as CarrieAnn thought. The choreography was interesting, but they could have stepped up a notch.

Team Bruno’s final number of the night was Wind It Up (I don’t know the artist – and I don’t care.) The song was uninspiring and definitely not Latin. The choreography was good, but the difference between four and six team members definitely stands out.

America’s vote from last week’s show goes to Team Bruno, an announcement that brought Bruno Tonioli to his knees and tears to CarrieAnn Inaba’s eyes.

Personally I think it is CarrieAnn’s stylist that should get the boot, but no, it’s a team member that must go. Making the bottom two by a tearful CarrieAnn…

Chris and Alyssa. And maybe Alyssa’s own words foreshadowed and were her doom, when earlier in the program she was caught saying on camera that she has to watch out for herself because it’s a competition.

Good-bye Alyssa.

Tonight America votes for the first champion of Dance War: Bruno vs. CarrieAnn. The winning team will be announced next Monday night and so will the next roster of celebrity competitors for Dancing With The Stars: Season Six.

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