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Dance War: Bruno vs CarrieAnn – The Reveal – or Thank goodness it’s over

Posted by ctanglefoot on February 19, 2008

I have to wonder if not for a writer’s strike would Dance War episodes have been as long? As a DJ, a lover of song, and as a former dance dreamer I love the concept of Dance War: Bruno vs CarrieAnn. But the reality of this show is that the episodes were too long with little content.

One of my biggest disappointments was that neither Bruno nor CarrieAnn, professional choreographers, choreographed a single move on this series.  They were the faces and the cheerleaders behind the teams and nothing more – I believe that is what is called a “producer.” And to my three friends who actually are or have produced in Hollywood, my apologies I don’t mean to make light of your vision, your talents, and you jobs. I just expected so much more out of this show.

Over twenty minutes went by before we were able to enjoy the first number of the night, a group rendition of Steppin’ Out featuring Drew Lachey. Enough said.

Team Bruno chose to relive These Boots Are Made For Walking, not my favorite performance by them. This time it was tighter than the first performance. The dancing was on spot; the singing was okay.

Team CarrieAnn revisited Papa Was A Rolling Stone. This was one of my favorites by them, but too much fog machine. The performance was definitely better the second time around.

Kenny Mane and Jerry Rice revived Dance Center with guest Lisa Rinna to announce the Dancing With The Stars Season Six cast beginning with…

Actress Marlee Matlin

Magician Penn Jillette

Hairspray stage star Marissa Jaret Winokur

Radio host and actor Adam Carolla

Olympic ice skater Kristi Yamaguchi

Latin heartthrob Crisitian de la Fuente

Tennis star Monica Seles

Singer Mario

Actor Steve Guttenberg

NFL Dolphins Football star Jason Taylor

Actress Shannon Elizabeth

Actress Priscilla Presley

Team Bruno returned to the stage to perform what will become their first single if they are to win the Dance War season one title… Falling In Love.  Catchy tune played up on their strengths and offers commercial appeal.

Team CarrieAnn performed what would be their single, Come With It. Not as good a song as Team Bruno’s, it doesn’t highlight the strong points and actually points out their weaknesses (in my own opinion.)

After 1000 hours of rehearsals, 40 live performances, three eliminations, and fourteen wasted hours of television viewing.

Team Bruno was named Dance War Victors

Team Bruno wins a recording contract with Hollywood Records. Their first single, Falling In Love, and that of Team CarrieAnn’s Come With It are now available for download. Note: I searched the ABC website and couldn’t find them.

Season Six of Dancing With The Stars begins with a two-night premiere, beginning March 17th; America begins voting March 25th.

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