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with Jenny T. Partridge

Dancing With The Stars – Season Six – The Double Elimination

Posted by ctanglefoot on March 26, 2008

  Two weeks of dancing over three weeks and now two dance teams are being eliminated; one male celeb and one female celeb will be taking the last dance of the night. So who will it be?I’m think it won’t be Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinskia who were tonight’s encore performance, giving us a second look at their Mambo. And darn it was even hotter the second time around.

You have to love a man who is confident in himself enough to wear spandex and a cape on to the streets of New York. No I don’t mean Kenny Mane (no I shadow was involved) Cameron Matheson returned as the Dance Machine to find out who New Yorkers liked to date on Season Six of Dancing With The Stars.  I believe the favorite was Monica Guchi.

Macy’s Stars of Dance returned for season six with a Cirque du Soleil style performance to I Would Do Anything For Love.  These people make you believe flying is humanly possible without a plane that is.

So who are going home tonight?  Well the not necessarily in the bottom four couples were:

Penn Jillette and Kym Johnson

Cristian De la Fuente (don’t you just love saying his name?) and Cheryl Burke

Marisa Jaret Winokur and Tony Dovalani or

Monica Seles and Jonathan Roberts

Going Home:  Penn Jillette and Monica Seles

Up next week our teams will either dance a Jive or perform the Tango on Monday night, next Tuesday the next elimination will be made and we’ll get to experience another Macy’s Stars of Dance.

Until next Monday night,




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