Dancing off the Edge

with Jenny T. Partridge

Dancing With The Stars Season Six – Week Six – Two Dances, One Elimination

Posted by ctanglefoot on April 30, 2008

The Encore Performance of The Week…

Jason and Edyta reprised their Quickstep, darn I was hoping for the NFL Paso Dobles. But the Quickstep was great.

Showing defeat to the lift the Judges decided to allow one lift, in character with the dance, beginning next week. Dance Center broke down the remaining Celebs in the competition. Kenny Mayne is really getting into the eye shadow, where Jerry Rice is really into those shiny bright shirts, their break down and humor delightful and a bit bent.

But the strangest turn of events was the night’s Musical Guest….Def Lepard performing Pour Some Sugar On Me. Now I love Def Lepard (side note, a Def Lepard concert was the only concert I ever walked out of…that first tour was hideous…thank heavens they have vastly improved.)

The Bottom Two:

Marisa Jaret Winokur and Tony Donalani

Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough


Going Home….Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough leave Dancing With the Stars.

They dance again next Monday night, and then remember to tune in for the special 100 episode edition of Dancing With The Stars next Tuesday night.

Until Then,



 PS: So You Think You Can Dance debuts May 22nd on Fox with a two hour premiere. Happy Dance!


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