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Dancing With The Stars – Season 7 – Week 3 – The Results

Posted by ctanglefoot on October 8, 2008

So far in season seven of Dancing with the Stars we’ve seen the departure of Jeffery Ross and Edyta Sliwinska left the ballroom.  Ted McGinty and  Inna Breyer were the next to go. And then Kim Kardasian and Mark Ballas said Adieu to the dance floor.

Tonight no one will be going home. With the weekend injury of Misty May Traynor, she and her professional partner Makim Chmerkovskiy leave the competition.  Friday night Traynor ruptured her Achilles tendon while rehearsing for this week’s show. This morning Traynor under went corrective surgery to repair the tendon.

Tonight’s show featured the musical stylins of eighties disco dance phenom Kool and the Gang performing a medley of their hits, accompanied by Maks and Edyta on the dance floor.  Major digression, when I grow up or come back in a better body, I want it to be at least half as good as Edyta’s. 

The Radio City Music Hall Rockettes performed during this week’s Macy’s Stars of Dance.  Jennifer Hudson’s performance was made hotter by JulieAnn and Derreck’s dance collaberation.

Three of today’s hottest choreographers ran through a laundry list of why Dancing With The Stars and ballroom is so hard.  Dave Scott, Brian Friedman, and Travis Payne discussed what is so hard, and why the professional dancers on Dancing With The Stars have the hardest job in the business.

So if there had been a celeb going home, it would have been Rocko Dipirito and his dance partner Karina Smirnoff.  This week’s scores will be added to next week’s talliest before the next pink slip is handed down.

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