Dancing off the Edge

with Jenny T. Partridge

DWTS Season 7 – Week – 6 – Hip Replacements

Posted by ctanglefoot on October 28, 2008

Guest Judge Michael Flately will dance tomorrow night from his new Celtic Tiger production, but tonight he showed he’s the same run of the mill judge who isn’t in touch and doesn’t want to hurt feelings. He was a lovely person but he didn’t ad much to the content of the competition as a temporary replacement for the errant Len Goodman. 

So how did the dancers do? 

Maurice Green and Cheryl Burke performed a Viennese Waltz.  Nice rise and fall, Maurice kept in character, had great shoulders, nice close footwork; Very Elegant.  The judges scored them straight 7s for 21 on the night.

Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer delivered a lively Jive (common it was a jive they are suppose to be lively.)  Lance showed his dancing chops, Lacey showed that Lance was an equal partner in the performance.  Good energy, good character, good choreography, great footwork.  Finally the judges recognized this and scored them straight 9s to give them the top of the leader board with 27 points.

Susan Lucci and Tony Dovaloni danced a Mambo.  She fell behind in the music through out the dance and always watches Tony for his direction, instead of being an equal partner in the dance. This isn’t Tony’s doing, this is her inabilities.  The judges generously scored them 8 – 8 -7 for 23 on the night.

Brooke Burke and Derreck Hough danced a sexy Rumba, nice and fluid, good chemistry, good footwork, good characters.  Per normal they excelled.  The judges scored them 8 – 10 – 8 for 26 on the night.

Cloris Leachman and Corky Ballas delivered a cha cha cha.  She tries so hard, but sometimes her age holds her down.  The judges scored them straight 5s for the bottom of the leader board with 15 points.

Cody Lindley and JulieAnn Hough danced a sexy Samba showing good foot work, good partnering, and great musicality.  Julie and Derrek both shine in their choreography.  The judges scored them 8 – 8 – 7 for 23 on the night.

Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson ended the night with a Rumba. The dress was very distracting. He needed to dance more, but he had good technique, good character, good emotion. The judges scored them 8 – 9 – 8 fir 25 points on the night.

The injury plagued season has taken it’s toll on Jeff Ross (poked in the eye.) Misty May Trainer is out with a ruptured Achilles.  Susan Lucci is dancing with a fracture in her right foot.  Brooke Burke is dancing with a displaced tendon in her left foot. Now JulieAnn Hough will be out, first to have her appendix removed Wednesday, but she is also suffering endometriosis (extremely painful) she will be temporarily replaced by Edyta Sliwinskia, beginning Wednesday.

The group performed an old school hip hop. Did I say performed?  Brooke sold it, Lance brought it, Cody and Warren played their parts.  Susan was totally a fish out of water. Not the best group dance on Dancing With The Stars.

 Tomorrow guest Judge Michael Flately will perform from his current show Celetic Tiger- if you’ve never seen Michael Flatley perform you’re in for a treat.  Wednesday night also dishes up the next edition of Ballroom Kids, and another Celeb dancing off in to the wings.  Until then,




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