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Jewel Might Not Dance

Posted by ctanglefoot on February 26, 2009

Before the opening of Season Eight on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars Jewel maybe sidelined.  E! Entertainment’s Natalie Finn reports that “Jewel might not be fit to Foxtrot” due to tendinitis in her knees.

Ordered to stop rehearsing, Jewel says,  “Don’t count me out as I am in this for the long run.”

The crossover pop/folk/country singer/songwriter, actress was the first in the show’s history to be part of a celebrity couple competing against each other. Jewel is partnered with professional newcomer Dimtry Chaplin, while Jewel’s cowboy hubby Ty Murray  is competiting with Chelsey Hightower, a finalist from season four of So You Think You Can Dance.

If you’re a country radio fan you are hearing Julianne Hough on your favorite station this year with her debut single, That Song in my Head and My Hallelujah Song (she is set to tour this summer with Toby Keith.)  But Julieanne isn’t the only DWTS professional you’ll be hearing over the airwaves, if you’re tuned into adult contemporary and top forty format radio you’ll be hearing from the Hough Ballas Band. Yes, Derrek Hough and Marc Ballas have their own band and debut LP out.  Don’t expect them on this summers DWTS Tour, the band (formerly known as Almost Amy) will be off on a tour of their own.

Season eight of Dancing With The Stars premiers Monday, March 9th on ABC.




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