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Dancing With The Stars – Season Eight – Week 3 – The Results

Posted by ctanglefoot on March 25, 2009

The first welcomed surprise to me came in the first ten minutes when Steve Wozniack and Karina Smyrnoff were announced among the first four couples safe for the week.

It was couples dancing night affianced Karina Smyrnoff and Maksim Chmerkovskiy along with Tony Dovalani and Dmitri Chaplin accompanied musical guest Darryl Hall and John Oates to their classic Man Eater. Incredibly hot performance… by the dancers.
Corky Ballas and Cloris Leachman returned to the ballroom to demonstrate the two new dances that will challenge the couples next week: The Lindy Hop and the Argentine Tango. The second musical guest of the evening was the Grammy award winning, British phenom Adele singing the award winning Chasing Pavements accompanied by married couple Alex Maso and Edyta Sliwinskia.

All that came before the bottom of the hour and the announcement of Holly Madisen and Dmitri Chaplin along with Denise Richards and Maksim Chmerkovskiy making the week’s dance off. Dmitri and Maks might think twice about dancing with the musical stars.

Repeating their Samba from the night before, Holly and Dmitri the couple improved their performance and score (by 1 point) receiving straight 6s for 18 points.

Denise and Maks reprised their Samba earning from the judges 6 – 7 – 7 for 20 points, 4 points better than last night. Not enough as Denise and Maks leave the ballroom.

Next week it will be a double elimination, yep, two stars will get the ax. Until then…



2 Responses to “Dancing With The Stars – Season Eight – Week 3 – The Results”

  1. highlight of the night for me was twofold. cloris and corky’s demo and the wicked witch of hollywood getting booted. 😦 i will miss maks though.

  2. Greetings Karin, Cloris and Corky were classicm, the play off each other so well. Yeah, I will not miss the Wicked Witch of West Hollywood either, but Maks, well I bet we’ll see more of him.

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