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Dancing With The Stars – Week 4 – Lindy Hop & Argentine Tango

Posted by ctanglefoot on March 31, 2009

This week the couple’s worked the kinks out of their routines to two new dances for Dancing With The Stars; the Lindy Hop and the Argentine Tango tested the agility and passion of all on the dance floor. Pressure was on all of the couples to perform in light of this week’s double elimination for the ballroom.

David Alan Grier and Kym Johnson opened the night with a Lindy Hop. Known for it’s lifts and upbeat mood the Lindy Hop is the bigger brother of the Jitterbug. Strenght is definitely required to support the lifts and flips, Grier decidedly didn’t have the strength to throw is partner or add height to Kym’s flips and jumps. While not exciting, the dance was fun and suffered one or two unsynced moments. The judges cored them 8 – 7 – 7 for 22 on the night.

Li’ Kim and Derek Hough offered up the first Argentine Tango of the night. A passionate, fiery tangle between dueling lovers Kim and Derek executed the dance with sharp and dramatic movement and flair, the footwork was tight, the hold wonderful and strong. The judges scored them 9 – 8 – 10 for 27 on the night. It was the first ten to be scored of the season, but not the last to be scored on the night.

Chuck Wicks and Julieann Hough danced a Lindy Hop that offered up good energy and only suffered one miss step that I could note. While good it wasn’t great. The judges scored them 8 – 7 – 7 for 22 points.

Lawrence Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska drew the Argentine Tango, a dance decidedly made for Edyta, but not so much for LT. His strength showed, his footwork while chunky was tight (inter-meshing well with Edyta’s,) but it was chunky. The judges scored them 7 – 5 – 7 for 25 points.

Ty Murray and Chelsie Hightower did the Lindy Hop this week, and wow. Ty may still be shy but his dancing is coming out of the closet – itty bit stiff, but he is improving by leaps and bounds. Great choreography show cased his strength, offered great energy, great lifts, but he still needs to work on his transititions. The judges scored them 9 – 8 – 8 for 25 points.

Steve Wozniak and Karina Smirnoff danced the Argentine Tango. The dance wasn’t overly challenging, and yet was still a bit clunky. He needs to learn to glide to each movement, not step to each movement. But he’s better than last week, gave 110 percent. The judges gave them better marks this week with straight 4s for 12 points (2 up from the previous week.)

In a really nice note for the season, Mac Daily News is reporting that Karina has asked Woz to escort her down the aisle later this year when she marries Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Melissa Rykroff and Toni Dovalani offered up a fast paced Lindy Hop. It was fun, energetic, and very entertaining. The dance featured challenging choreography, you could tell they were really enjoying themselves. The judges liked it too scoring them 10 – 9 – 10 for 29 points, just below the perfect 30.

Holly Madison and Dmitri Chaplin attempted an Argentine Tango. The footwork was close, but off and often lethargic. Her nervious giggle drives me crazy. The judges scored them 5 – 6 – 5 for 16 points, and I’m sorry hey were not better than the Woz and Karina who were scored considerable lower.

Steve O and Lacey Schwimmer performed a Lindy Hop. I like Lacey’s choreography usually, but tonight’s dance was ackward and often off balanced… along with the timing. The judges gave then straight 5’s for 15 points.

Gilles Marini and Cheryl Burke smoked up the room with their Argentine Tango. Wow! Smollering hot sex-appeal. The dancers were full of passion, anger, and smoking passion again. The footwork was fabulous, quick, tight, sharp. The holds! Wow! The judges liked it too awarding them the first perfect score of the season – straight tens for 30 points and the top of the leader board.

Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas closed the night with a Lindy Hop. While the dance was very energetic and full of tricks it was heavy footed. She definitely carried her weight, but needed to lighten up. An enteretaining dance. The judges scored them 8 – 8 – 9 for 25 points.

Two couples will leave the ballroom at the end of tomorrow night’s results show. Gilles and Cheryl lead the leader board with 30 points; Karina and Woz are at the bottom again, but this week with 12 points. Who will go? I’m betting it’s Holly Madison and Steve O – but time will tell, and you have to ask how long will Woz’s fans carry him?

Until tomorrow night,




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