Dancing off the Edge

with Jenny T. Partridge

Dancing With The Stars – Week Six – the Group Dance

Posted by ctanglefoot on April 21, 2009


Tonight the celebs designed the costumes, some were unforgettable, others amazing. Really, Edyta wearing clothes, amazing…then she took them off, well at least the jacket.

The couples performed dances they’s not yet mastered, then for the first time danced a second dance, the group dance.  So let’s see how they did (in my esteem at least) and get the judges scores…


Melissa Rykroff and Tony Dovalani opened the night with an Argentine Tango.  The foot work was crisp, the kicks and flicks were sharp. Great effortless lift, great physical attitude.  The judges scored them 10 – 9 – 10 for 29 points on the night and the leader board.  Melissa’s costume design was black, red, shiny, and hot.


Lawrence Taylor and Edyta Sliwinskia danced a Waltz. Wow, she was beautiful. Lawrence though was flat footed and he doesn’t finish his moments, his arms just flop. There was one small stumble.  The judges scored them straight 7’s for 21 points on the night and the bottom of the leader board.  Taylor should take up costume design; LT designed a beautiful gown and coat ensemble for Edyta that was classy and elegant in shades of blue.


Lil’ Kim and Derek Hough performed a Rumba. Boring with a capital B and that isn’t her fault. There was an emotional disconnect and that was her fault. She performed the dance technically but it was just blah, blah, blah,  The judges scored them 9 – 8- 9 for 26 points. Oh, and the pink costume, blah.


Chuck Wicks and Julieann Hough danced the Samba. At one point he had two handfuls of breast and kept his face straight, I was impressed…she did too.  He is pigeon- toed and I might not have noticed if she’d not stressed to him to watch his toe in. Very nice footwork, although there was a spot where he just stopped performing for a beat or three and then continued. Great moves.  The judges scored them straight 9s for 27 points. Wicks designed red satin costumes with lots of fringe for Julieann, very dance appropriate.


Ty Murray and Chelsie Hightower performed a waltz. The dance began with a beautiful lift where Chelsie tried hard to keep her toes on the floor. The dance was wonderful, smooth, he was elegant, in hold. Nice tight footwork.  The judges scored them straight 8s for 24 points. Murray’s costumes were waltz appropriate, noting to splashy.


Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas danced the only Cha Cha of the night.  Very entertaining, nice snap to the movements, great rhythm, great technique, she has lovely legs. The judges scored them 9 – 9 – 10 for 28 points. Johnson’s costume was a gold bronze and black sequin dress perfect for the Cha Cha but not too revealing, Mark’s outfit evoked Michael Jackson to match the music.


Gilles Marini and  Cheryl Burke performed the last couples dance of the night, the only Viennese Waltz. Hmmm lovely movement, but I didn’t feel an emotional connection to the dance by Marini. Technically it was lovely. The judges scored them straight 9s for 27 points. Marini designed an simple, modest yellow tiered satin dress for Cheryl, it was actually quite fitting the Viennese waltz, but the tiers were wired for a wavy effect.


Christian Perry choreographed the evening’s group number, the first and possibly only group number of the season.  A sixties themed number featured the women on go-go boxes, each couple designed and choreographed their own spotlight. Very entertaining.


Tomorrow night’s results show will feature a Pro Dance Competition between six  young pros, currently not on the show, vying for a pro spot on season nine’s pro-cast. Tomorrow night another couple will leave the dance floor.  Until then,







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