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Dancing With The Stars – Season Eight – Week Seven – The Results

Posted by ctanglefoot on April 22, 2009

The Season Eight, Sixties Group Dance is tonight’s encore performance



Musical guest of the evening, Natasha Bedingfield performed her latest single Soulmate accompanied by Lacey Schwimmer and Dmitri Chaplin on the dance floor. Beautiful.


Dance guest of the week was Burn the Floor, who did just that with a dance review number History Repeating. 


Six young professional dancers began the competition for one slot on the professional team for season nine of Dancing With The Stars. Each member is dancing as a couple, but competition against each other.


Brent Borbon and Afton Del Grassio danced a Cha Cha.  There were well matched, but my eyes definitely followed him and his sharp clean movements – despite her orange.


Anna Demidova and  Mayo Alanen danced a Waltz. Classical, effortless, lilting, lovely, but no emotional connection; he has incredibly beautiful lines.


Snow Urbin and Genya Maso (yes, younger brother to Alec and bro-in-law to Edyta) danced a Rumba, there were beautiful, fully connected, amazing footwork, beautiful lines. Wow.


The two lowest vote getters (one man one woman) will leave the competition with the remain four vying for the one position on next season’s pro cast list.


The group Celtic Woman performed you raised me up, I didn’t not catch the names of the two dancers accompanying the group on the dance floor, but wow, athletic and daring.


Lawrence Taylor and Edyta Sliwinskia and Ty Murray and Chelsie Hightower were left standing at the end of the evening, with LT and Edyta leaving the ballroom.


Next week the remaining competitors will divide into two teams for the team dances, and another couple will go home, until then…





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